Monday, May 23, 2005

Rocking Questions 

* Why is it that many people who enjoy rock also enjoy getting stoned?

* Is it true that in their heydays the members of Rolling Stones frequently got to roll and stone?

Hope you don't get stoned when rockers rock you ! :P

Waise...me thinking now..think..think think..

I'll get answers someday...and will give you ROCKING answers..
Naah..I guess they are just stones which can roll. And the sound from the rolling si their music. Sheesh...you need pay me 2 cents for reading this. :)
@Gvenum - I think that's the point. He's giving us his two cents :)
lets write a song which goes

"We will, we will stone you!!"

lets, please...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Sagnik Jr.
reminds me of this super line..."Drink wet cement, get stoned!"
Da Sagnik's blog will soon become BedROCK with stonehedges like us !
Everybody must get stoned...
I resent this. I will move the almighty courts and see you in hell (hopefully I will be there too :) ).
@debalina - i just got up after coding for 7 hours - thought for 2 mins to come up with another pun with stone and gave up - so basically i owe you a pun :)

@gvenum - your harsh comments have made mee two centy (2 senti)

@rajesh - ... and now i've added a dime as well

@namesake - you violent freak - i will hire you to sue you (can that be done btw) :)

@shub - ah! a nice joke - exactly what i needed after 7 hrs of coding :) thanks!

@sridhar - ... and then fall into pot-holes??

@flamingcyanide - i dont know which is more poisoous - g-venom's venom or your cyanide - ouch :)
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