Monday, May 30, 2005

Showering with information 

So I was taking a shower (don't be surprised, I do like to clean up every now and then). I was also singing (don't be surprised, I do like to put my musical talents to use every now and then). That's when a thought struck me (aha, now you can be surprised) ... and a post was born.

Over the years singing and taking a shower have become synonymous with each other. So much so, that "bathroom singing" is now a recognized art form. But just think for a moment - there's nothing seemingly obvious abt singing and taking a shower. Just imagine - there you are, standing stark naked, slithery soap all over you, touching yourself and what do you feel like doing - breaking into an impromptu musical performance??

I've never seen great singers request music directors to pour water on them to enhance their talents - so I refuse to believe that standing under water brings out the singer in us. So I reasoned that it might be the quiet of the toilet and seeming solitude that helps us shed our inhibitions ... but from what I know (personal experience and querying apartment mates) there are other things we do in the bathroom (let's be discreet here) and we don't sing during any of those activities. So what is it abt taking a shower then that brings out the maestros in us?

There has to be something for sure. Coz almost everybody does it and EVERYBODY DOES IT NATURALLY. No father takes their son or daughter to the side one day and says with a frown, "Mampan, the time has come now to share the family secret with you. We Nandys have a unique talent and I want you to carry on the baton my son. So go in there and start singing ... and make your mom and me proud!" Nope! That didn't happen. So what was it then that made a simple city boy like me become one of the greatest bathroom musicians of our time?????

I see you're still lost in that non-existent glory...

anyway, abt the shower thing, I'm actually an exception.I prefer singing in front of a crowd than in the bathroom...
call me weird!!

btw, just noticed that I'm one of the 'new kids on da blog'
hmmm.kid eh? :|
thanks :)
@angel - oh i wanted to link to you a long time back and then you stopped blogging for a while ... hence the delay :)

and if you like to sing more in public and less in the toilet ... that either means you are weird ... or y ou are very good .. which one is it then??
It's usually because people will never try and break into a bathroom to strangle bathroom singers. For some reason strangling a person when he/she is naked/half naked is not something that most humans enjoy.

and so.....most human beings instinctively realise that they can get away with murder if they are in a bathroom and instead, start singing.
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@sridhar - ahaa! that makes sense - but the latter part of your comment (getting away with murder) reminds me of Psycho :)
to tell you the truth , i think most people sing in the bathroom, and more over in the shower because, the water acts as a headphone. it not only allows the singer to hear his/her own voice, but also gives a fair sense of security. we think that perhaps our fairly sonrous voice can be only herd by ourself and we have a very ostrich head in the sand effect......perhaps thats what makes us such good singers in the toilet...
@sayantani - aha! that makes complete sense. the whole acoustic angle. Thank you woman, thank you :)
You can wash away tomatoes and eggs easily :)
@ratna - brilliant :)) awesome!!
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To be honest, I think shower singers like the way their voice sounds under water. It's like the effect of a music studio with out the added expense. And plus the gurgling noises that the water makes is quite cute, at least me
@sara - "... I think shower singers like the way their voice sounds under water" :) i think my apt mate really believes in this but he should ask himself if his apt mates share the same view on his voice :)
Now you've got me curious.

If you ever come up with a definitive answer to your question, let me know, please. :)
@dimple's ex husband - sure i will sir, sure i will :)
maybe your apartment mate is really a good singer, and you just don't know talent when in front of you, or rather next to you in the shower. ever think 'bout that mister?? :-P
dimple's ex husband...

My dream is to sing a romantic duet in my bathroom. How I wish some babe be my neighnor someday and sing to my tunes (from her bathroom ofcourse)!

Nice blog.
@sara - "in front of you" ??? i hope you meant it figuratively :)

@rajesh - :))

@santy - yes baby - just du et :)
omg hahahhaha DU ET! Took me a while but I GOT IT! hahhaha
@sara - graduate student bows and breaks into a weird dance in appreciation :)
*makes you are so geeky face when watching you do the weird dance*
guess a shower is something we usually take at liesure and with pleasure ....so we feel like singing?!
When we're in a hurry to finish with the shower, i realise we dont sing...so seems like a possible reason :)
@Syal - ahaa! see now that's an almost alien concept to me - "shower for fun" :) but i see what you are saying - both activities relate to enjoyment. nice!
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