Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sometimes ... 

Sometimes I feel like:

* Going to a restaurant and ordering juice and then asking the waiter to get me a fork and a knife.

* Walking up to a random stranger at the bus stop, smiling at him and then telling him, "That was a good one dude! I couldn't have come up with that!"

* Starting a sentence and then

* Putting liquid soap inside the toilet flushing system of S's (my apt mate) room. So when he flushes he suddenly sees bubbles.

* Buying a pair of jeans and paying with change (Pummy almost did this one time). Yes, I want to do this for a change.

* Sitting in a bus and asking the person next to me very seriously, "Do you smell that?" and when she says "No", reply back saying, "Strange, neither can I."

* Driving past a lovey dovey couple and yelling out to the girl "You can do better!" The guy cant hit you coz that means he's saying that the girl can't do better :)

cool! personally i like the bubble soap one... imagine the fellow's reaction... =)
@lynnie - that's what i call bursting the bubble for someone :)
when someone at work asks me "hey listen can i ask you something?"

i go .."NO!"

and walk off.
@grafxgurl - :)) great one! lot of times people think they have got amazing deals and so they buy a shirt and ask me "guess how much I got this for?" and I say, "20 cents" and their entire excitement fizzles out :)
You are wicked..if thats the word !!
But you are brilliant too...

Sometimes, I read your posts and think ...
How come I never come up with all these ?
And...the line Grafxgurl said was so true...

I mean, everytime , I fase this, "can i ask you something ? "
...And I go. @_@ Aren't you already asking me ??????
Why yell out to the girl, just keep it vague and say you can do better! :)

@ Debalina: that is often referred to as an embedded command, believed to be a legacy of, 'Alice in Wonderland' ;)
oi, how bout the times, when ur walking down golpark or standing in like for ur local phuchkawala and this changra dude comes up to u or ur pretty sister and says " shunun, apnar shonge ekta kotha ache".( thats listn, i need to tell u something) what do peope say? and i berlieve thats one of the most obvioous and famous line guys use......
reminds me of the joke that me dad cracked while he was returning from the bazaar with two bags full of veggies... this idiot comes up and says... "Ki daktarbabu Kotthekey ashchen???" (Hey doc where from???)

My dad: Ei gorer mathey haoa khetey geslam aar ki... (Went to the park to have a little bit of fresh air)

U dumb prick... what does it look like where I am coming from???

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@debalina - thank you thank you *gushing* :) also your second comment remminds me of the very common situation in my house where my apt mate wakes me up and says, "Sorry were you sleeping?" No - I was playing that game where you pretend to sleep in a dark room to fool your friends - chah you got me!

@soup - wow that's a much better one actually - one stone and two birds - bravo bravo :)

@sayantani - my sis and i were once having fuchka when your description of the "changra dude" came up and said "side deben aunty" :))

@namesake - good good now i feel better coz i'm not the only second generation to be robbed of a sense of humour *wicked laugh*
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