Monday, May 30, 2005

Tagging Along 

Ok! So there's this thing I try to do - something I call my moment of daily knowledge. Everyday I try to learn one new technical thing that I was not aware of. Obviously this is something I do for fun and not something that is a must. These things can be seemingly trivial (like learning to use the address book of my iPod) to more complicated endeavors (like systollic arrays). So my "today's knowledge" is to find out abt blog tagging.

It's ironic since I was reading Shub's blog and she mentioned tagging and I had no idea what it meant. Minutes after that I got a message from Ideasmithy saying that I have been tagged. So I did my research on blog tagging and figured it is something like blog forwards (some people even termed it blogwards). So people normally tag you with a "question answer like" post ad you are supposed to pass on the baton. So here it goes - my first tagged post. I'm not tagging anyone in particular but if any of you do answer these questions lemme know.

Total number of films I own on dvd/video
Zilch. I'm a major "go to theater" movie buff. I rarely watch movies on video or dvd and when I do I just rent it. However, my sis used to own Mask, Masoom, Maine Pyar Kiya and Andaz Apna Apna when she was young and I would call them my own. That reminds me that I think dad gifted me a Laurel Hardy movie called Swiss Miss when I was young. SO that would be it.

The last film I bought
The previous question should answer this one.

The last film I watched
I saw three this weekend. The Longest Yard (which was good enuff for a Friday night watch), Robin Williams Live in Broadway (this was on DVD since it's not a movie but a recording) and the desi Bonnie n' Clyde caper Bunty Aur Babli (great in parts but good otherwise).

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me
* Snatch - to me this is what pulp genre is. I just love the movie. It's one of those movies which "read" brilliant too.

* Agantuk (a Bengali film) - Whenever friends of mine show interest in watching One Bengali movie, I recommend this one. A true masterpiece and extremely humbling. The movie is very entertaining and not effusively sentimental as one often thinks abt Bengali cinema. Also the script and dialogue can stand alone by themselves without the visuals i.e. make this a book, play or anything else and you still have a masterpiece.

* Fish Called Wanda - I dig comedies. Subtle, farcical, black, dark - give me anything and I will watch it. This is one of the rare movies that treads on multiple comic domains and with equal brilliance. Plus the movie has the most amazing melange of characters and Jon Cleese and Kevin Kline (who won a rare Oscar for a comedic performance for his role) are brilliant.

* Kill Bill 2 - the only English movie that I have watched thrice in theatres. I love Tarantino (how many other directors have become cult phenomenon with 4 and a half movies to their claim)??

* Andaz Apna Apna (Hindi) - just a bag full of fun.

That's it - I have responded to my tag. As the great Austin Powers would say, "Yeah baby!"

other than kill bill2- the others are pretty much favs of mine as well... dch, ddlj? - i think u have missed them....
Aah, Agontuk, the Master's last stroke - how can I forget floccinaucinihilipilification and all that jazz...
I was quite moved by that scene too, at the Maidan, when Dutt explains the whole eclipse thingy to the kid.
There's such an amount of sheer intelligence in the whole movie - screenplay, cinematography, cast, everything! Hats off!
Also, wonder if you watched 'American History X' - if you like 'Fight Club', you'll surely like this one! It's a scaringly powerful movie!
@ari - yes ddlj surely is another personal fav but i guess if i continued with that list the movie would be right there. strangely i feel dch is terribly over hyped - i find the movie just good

@biplab - oh the maidan sene is a personal fav of mine - i love the simplicity of the scene. probably my second fav scene of the movie after the whole confrontation with dhritiman - i mean that scene alone is worth watching the movie 5 times
so u see no difference between dch and yeh kya ho raha hai! Interesting.
@ari - yeh kya ho raha hai is a cult classic :)) jokes apart i think dch is a very good movie but miles away from being great. i feel jhankar beats is a better "three urban dudes" movie than dch - i know that most ppl would differ

American History X rocks!!! Edward Norton is god. and it IS scaringly powerful. and yeah, Fight Club is one movie which made me, no wait, forced me to think three notches higher than my normal intellect. Edward is God!!


I agree with you as far as DCH is concerned. And as far as JB is concerned, I think it was one hell of a brilliantly made movie. Tho' that Sen kid cannot act to save her life. And the Munshi guy is from DBPC, so he's khisko... (apologies to Arijit) he he...

and do not get me started of Agantuk... but me thinks u surely missed out in Sonar Kella and Joy Baba Felunath. There cannot be two movies which have to be seen to be believed at the power of a camera without the usual shit of technical wizardry... Satyajit Ray is a genius.

The haunting tunes of Feluda's theme keeps on ringing in my ears after every time I watch the movie... And I guess the LOTR freak that I am, I believe that is another recent movie that I would rate as the highest, right after Fight Club, American History on the ladder...

Momma!!! I miss the movies...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@namesake - (and biplab) have to watch American History X then. yes, Sonar Kella and Joy Baba Felunath are great ones too and so is the Gupi Gayene Bagha Bayene franchise. However, Agantuk still touches me the most.
@ex-illustrated-weekly-editor - Never seen Jhankar Beats (have missed too many movies over the last 2-3 years), but you prefer DDLJ over DCH? Methinks our taste in movies isn't as similar as you thought :)
In my opinion DCH has fantastic performances by every actor/character in the movie (except the guy who plays Preity's fiance, but then I wonder if I don't like him because that's the way the director wanted me to feel), and was a refreshingly different movie in terms of movie-making style.

I guess I'd pick the Tanhayee video over Kajol running in wheat fields (I may be wrong about this scene - I haven't paid that much attention to the movie), anyday. :)

Of course, if the guy hadn't screwed the ending of the DDLJ, maybe I'd have liked it a lot better. Sometimes I feel my opinion about the movie is unfair. I let the last 15 minutes override the first three hours. Hmm.

(Enough now. This is becoming longer than your post)
@ex-dept-pm (i shall def come up with something new soon) - i largely like two diff kinds of movies -

(i) those that make me feel "aaah this is me" or

(ii) those that make me feel "wish this was me" for entertainment value.

there is a third group of movies that i like which make me feel like "wow, there was no way i could have thought of something that good". most of the movies that i mentioned in my list fall in the third category. DDLJ falls in categ (ii). it made mee feel very romantic and all. as far as dch is concerned - it was definitely one of the better movies of its time and definiely a good movie but it didn't evoke any of the aforementioned emotions. Jhankar Beats walking the same three character story made me feel emotion (i) and hence i rate it above dch.

Yes, now my comment is bigger than your comment and my post - so i can stop :)
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