Saturday, May 07, 2005

This Rocks 

So tomorrow moi is going for a rock concert. The band in question is Maroon 5 who I believe are fairly big; big enuff for Vipul to make the statement "I'm sure that even you would've heard some of their songs." Let's hope so, coz the ticket has been bought and I've already spent the green for maroon.

So my knowledge of rock music borders close to my knowledge on women - i.e. zero (at least rock music can be downloaded and studied). I listen to hip-hop, which most lovers of rock think is jarring, juvenile and uncool. For that matter I have been told that I have terrible taste in music. So I did a reality check and recalled the last 5 concerts I've been to:

2003: Some British Blues band was performing in Kolkata and Ronny Dam got us free tickets. I hadn't heard of any song that they sang and thankfully neither did Amitabh. So while Ronny tried to pick up some middle aged lady, Thard and I went around disturbing coochie cooing couples.

2002: Bon Jovi concert in LA. One of the udergrads here told me that "I had to go for this". So I did. Knew three songs and figured out that the only people out there were undergrads who dint know that they ever needed a job and 'Harley Davidson riding tattoo sporting' folks who dint know that there's something called a job. Incidentally, my high point of the evening was when I found a stall that actually sold non-alcoholic beverages and the guy laughed at me and gave it to me for free.

1996: Grammy Award winning legend Pete Seeger performed in Kolkata and we went there from school. I remember being terribly excited because some girls school also came for the event. Also, I remember knowing (or having heard of) quite a few of the songs. So that wasn't that bad.

1995: SAARC classical music concert. Dad got tickets and dragged us there. I was happy with my performance since I was the last of my four member family to doze off. Not bad at all, eh!

1994: My moment of glory - Akshay Kumar + Raveena Tandon Night in Kolkata. Got guest tickets with lovely seats; knew every song that was performed; and figured out that Akshay Kumar was more popular than me when he ripped of his sweat-soaked vest and threw it at the audience and two girls sitting in front of me, who I was contemplating marriage with, ran to get hold of it.

Ooh. Akshay Kumar (Rajiv Bhatia). We celebrated his birthday with cake and cutlets in 1994. Have fun with popular culture- buy some removable tattoos like those behind bubble gum wrappers in those same days...
So r u going to Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. Enjoy. Their songs are really good.
Thought I wanted to say something - but then, mebbe I didn't. Rock is long dead, so what the heck anyway?
Btw, did you watch Crash finally? If you have, good good, if not, you really should:)
@bridal - my sis ued to be a huge "akki" fan and had this very hairy photo of his on her cupboard - need i say more?

@manchus - i have no idea where it is - i am going with a bunch of other people - as long as they know where we are going i am not bothering - but great to know that their songs are good :)

@biplab - rock died? as my sidebar says - you are the man when it comes to this - so i shall take your word :) btw, nope! haven't yet seen crash but definitely plan to in the next 2-3 days.
Lol, don't even get me started...I can write a thesis on that:)
And hip-hop, 50 cents and gang [Candy Shop or whatever], is the filthiest stuff anyone can write. Even Britney Spears looks like a goddess in comparision.
@biplab - na na - there's some really good and meaningful hip hop too - specially if you go a little old school (can be really poetic) - of the new lot eminem is nice and even in 50 cent's new album you can listen to "hate it or love it" which is neat - i dont think you'll like this kind of music but there's a new guy called Game and you can listen to this song he has called "dreams" which is pretty neat - but then again the liking varies from person to person
Maroon 5 is good..Me love their song ...
Chalo, now you will be rocking in reality !
@dabalina - good good - with both your and manchu's reco - i feel kinda upbeat :)
Maroon 5 is bheri good...bolechilam na...enjoy the concert....
maroon5 is really good. so if ur a rock newbiw then, its good to start off relatively soft guys like them.... for the point of preferance they just won a grammy so ur not goin to a loosers concert.lol.. enjoy, tho i envy u a LOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!
@ari - lets hope so :)

@tritiyo_bishoy - yes, i've been doing my research on them too :) shall let ppl know how it went after the concert tomorrow.
Moron 5 is a decent band; you will have fun :D
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