Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Type Casting 

It seems that men have types - or that's what T told me yesterday. Apparently women categorize men in two broad categories - the "good boy" and the "bad ass".

The bad ass drinks incessantly, has long hair and an attitude or tattoo to match, curses re-cursively, drinks a little more, flaunts his ego, indulges in material damage (an honest pun intended), rocks to the tune of rock n' roll and definitely has an interesting story leading to why he turned into a bad buttock (normally this begins with "I wasn't always like this. Then when I was fourteen ..."). When out on a date, the bad boy normally chooses a loud bar coz "the underground band out there rocks" or just coz "it's f*#king awesome out there"; likes things to be European - specially Dutch (often if the guy is completely broke, it adds to his charms) and always appears ready for sex.

The good boy is sober. He tries to woo women with his "you can take me home to momma" qualities; pulls the restaurant door for his date and also waits for her to sit down first; always has a "funny story from work" to narrate; periodically showers the girl with meaningless phrases like "Wow! That's so funny", "That's soo cool" and always pays the bill. He believes in the "institution of marriage" and when he spots a bad ass during a good date, he instantly remarks, "That's so juvenile ... I dunno what kicks they get out of it ... I would never do such a ..."

It seems there comes a stage in both these relationships where each type amuses their lady loves by showing traits of the other kind. Like the time the bad ass takes a shower, shaves and wears formals for their anniversary (albeit on the wrong day) or the time the "momma's boy" whispers a little "nasty comment" into his lady love's ears. But this should be done in moderation - the bad ass can turn into a "wimp" if he continues to be good and the "good boy" can easily tread the path that leads from "Naughty Road" to "Perv Avenue". So beware.

Interestingly enuff, men too have two categories for women - "Taken, so no hope for me" and "Single, so I have a chance". Any further classification only worsens the case for us :)

One of my friend used to say that there are 3 categories of women :

a) Good
b) Very Good
c) TV Wali (usually the actresses,models etc who are good and non-reachable)

Apparently according to him "Ladkiyan kabhi buri hoti hi nahin hai" :)

I guess his comments was based purely on looks and nothing else.

P.S : It is a great blog as always
@manchus - thank you :) your friend appears to be a knowledgeable man :) the TV wali part is very true coz most men have a dream unattainable crush - mine would be monica bellucci, tulip joshi, ..., ..., ... :)
aaah.. tulip joshi...
byapok choice dada!!!... shotthi unattainable... lifey dekhi shobi maya :(
there are people out in shades of grey as well...thats what my friend says...but i think we all exist in binary code as well. i wonder what category people with multiple personalities belong to...
The two categories are also known by different names sometimes -

badass - boyfriend material
good boy - husband material (these days that should be second husband material)
@indra - amazing choice boss. a lot of people actually don't know abt Tulip Joshi - I think she knows that it'll be difficult for "us" if she get's too high profile and so she is avoiding the glitz :)) will definitely call you for our wedding

@arijit - hero hero. that was some deep philo boss. either you must be drunk or you must be drunk :)

@ani - once again a gem from g9. i like to think that the "good boy" is boy friend material and the bad boy is s(ex) boyfriend material :)
Multiple personality disorder= Xexadecimal Code

Tulip Joshi's real name is Sanjana Kapoor, and u cant have her... since she is already engaged... to me!!!! he he... *evil laugh*

she's one hot babe... right after Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, I have been in love with her!!! he he *More Evil Laughter*

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


PS: How about this T-Shirt I saw the other day: "Men come in three sizes, small, Medium and "OH MY GOD!!!"

he he

@namesake - see, you are not even a proper fan :) her real name is Tulip, she is part Indian, the Chopras changed it to Sanjana for MYKSH but she changed it back to Tulip for Yeh Dil ... She took part in Ms. India the year Priyanka Chopra and all took part. That's when my sis showed me her photo in Femina and I noticed her. Then Ronny Dam and I shared a crush on her after her ad for Smirnoff ... blah blah blah ... and you call yourself her lover - shame on you *angry face*
Nice, your observations are soooo true. The sad part is that us mamma's boys will have to wait a long time before we get our woman - i.e. when she's looking for a serious, stable relationship. Till then, it's simply looking at her behind as she walks past with the stud :-(
Brilliant observations. I like this post! :)
@ttg - true, very true ... momma's boys keep waitin till they find someone to make their boy's momma :)

@shub - thank you :)

as usual, brilliance defeats the dumb!!!

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Bad Ass = Good for hanging around !
Good boy = Good for studying together but fears that hez mama's boy !

BTW..some real research on Tulip Joshi...
Waise..why aren't guys good enough so that we can do some research work on them ! :(

****Bad luck hi kharaab hai****
@namesake - no no - it is more like the bigger fan beat the ac :)

@debalina - the whole post came up coz someone was telling me that I have the attitude of a bad boy and the habits of a good boy - which the person felt was a terrible combo :((
You can lauch yourself as a third category: "good boy meets bad ass."
Women like unpredictability.
@bridal - i am wonderign whether it is better to be a "good boy meets bad ass" or a "good boy with bad ass" :)
interesting observations.....also if the bad boys are bad asses then do the good boys have good asses?
@sridhar - the good boys might have good asses BUTT they dont make much use of it :)
@sagniks: stop being so obsessed with my wud-be girlfriend...please respect our privacy and dignity.....
@arijit - together we have given Tulip more publicity that the print media gave her in the past few months - now she will owe me one :)
i m midway thru my committee meeting...but u know what we can host a site dedicated to propelling the almost-4gotten babus and baby's....ki bolo?
your blog never fails to make me smile. i might be a lil late ;-) but just wanted to say, go and watch a wonderful film of tulip's - "matrubhumi".
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