Sunday, May 08, 2005


Having finished a whole bunch of pending work, I managed to get some free time for my Sunday morning. So I decided to finish two things that I was planning to for a long time.

(i) Updated my blog lists (was planning to do this for a loooong time) - the new links are there in a separate section below the present ones. As usual I'm sure that I've forgotten some of the folks I visit - so the list will keep changing (and hopefully faster than last time :)

(ii) Some people suggested that I have a separate page where I organize all the toons from headLINES and moi finally wrote a little JavaScript to do that. So that link can be found below the blog links.

I like the headlines link :) Good idea!

finally i get a place in the blog of the "Great" Sagnik Nandy.

Me thanks you from the bottom of the heart.

Sagnik Jr.
@ratna - the pleasure is entirely mine :)

@namesake - aaah! it was long pending dude - sorry for the delay!
Was just wondering, the section as "new kid on DA blog"
...do they all call u 'da' ?

And the headlines link is nice :D
oh - da was for 2 reasons:

1. its cool lingo for "the" and my blog can sure do with a coolness boost

2. the heading was anyway too big - so cut down on one extra char :)
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