Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Want cheese? 

A girl once told me that if you are trying to pick up someone for a one-night stand then you should be as cheesy as possible. Cheesy ... dripping cheesy. This way the girl knows that you are just trying to get hasty and there are no strings attached. She then went on to give me some examples of cheesy pick-up lines and they were all way too calorie filled for my taste. I mean, even if you pay me, I can't walk up to a girl and say "You don't happen to be a janitor, do you? Coz you just swept me off my feet!" (Actually I came up with this one and the girl in question said that it had all the traits of what she was talking abt) :))

So, I was talking to my dad abt this and he mentioned that apparently in his time, such lines were the sole representation of a guy's wit/charm/smoothness and hence worked quite well. Men too, those days, used such lines to express their fondness as opposed to fondle-ness for the fairer sex. I dint even want to get into the issue of how dad proposed to my mom again (it is hilarious, btw). So Dad gave me another anecdote that Mummum re-confirmed was true:

Apparently, one of my dad's best friends had a loooooong crush on a common friend. Sadly, he could never gather enuff courage to tell her abt his feeling (Oh! how movie-like). So finally he came to my dad for help (which is a sad thing coz Bubin was no Mr. Smooth himself). So Bubin asked him to go to the girl's house and say that he was really tired and ask for a glass of water. Then, when the girl would bring him the glass of water, he should sip it and say, "Hey, I asked for water. Why did you bring juice for me ... Oh! No the sweetness must have been for you ..." Yes yes yes - I shrieked too when I heard this idea. However, it seems, love followed different rules in those times. The friend in question followed the instruction to the T (or is it juice) and in three months a marriage followed - indeed a sweet culmination to a juicy affair.

Juicy affair is appealing :)
Cute! Really!
Hehe.....reminds me of some corny pick-up lines that I was reading the other day...But theres this friend of mine, who directly asks "So, do you want to have a boyfriend. I mean, like...." Yeah, no luck for him though even after being so honest.
But, oflate the best pick up line must be from Kya Kool Hai Hum, where Ritesh Deshmukh coyly says to Neha Dhupia- "Mera Time-pass banegi"...very honest again.
>>I shrieked too when I heard this idea

No idea is outdated if it has proven success record. You are such a useless son not able make use of such a smart dad with wealthy knowledge. Some people don't realize their luck.
*that feels better*
@ratna - for me right now any affair is appealing :((

@rajesh - thank you. really :)

@arijit - you know you are in trouble when Ritesh Deshmukh is your idol - may I suggest Abhay Deol :))

@gvenum - *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhh* ... nope, still don't feel any better ... :)
that's it! something I have always known - it's not about me! it's just that I am a part of the wrong generation :)

Reitesh Deshmukh Rocks!!!


What's the harm in giving a corny pick-up line like that when u know that u would want no more than a one-night stand??? and to be completely honest... Love is something which is best left alone... U wanna get laid... awesome... U wanna have ur brains screwed out outta ur mind... terrific... U looking for a boy/girlfriend with sensitivity who is going to help u out in ur problems and hold ur hand in times of troubles??? Tough Luck Kid... Wrong number... *peep peep peep* *Please wait while ur call is being diverted to Mars where our alien call-centre would recieve ur call*

he he


Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@rathish - yeah man! plus you can also say that you are "ahead of your times" :)

@namesake - whoa dude! now we have a wham bam thank you ma'am amongst us it seems :) let us all be vicarious through you dude :)
Just what I needed. I shall report directly to Bubin as to how well that worked with a certain someone I need some help with ;)
ok.. i was thinking what if the girl played a good host and got him a pepsi/juice instead of the water... what wud he say then??
@Vignesh - oh! I'm eagerly waiting for the outcome. lemme know. if it wrks i will ask for royalty :)

@anon - what abt - "is this cola or ber. coz i sure feel intoxicated??" :)
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