Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Conversation 

This is a fairly amusing (yes, I'll categorize it myself :) ) snippet from a conversation that took place yesterday.

Friend (who's newly in love): I'm a virgin physically but mentally I'm no longer one.
Me: Yeah! Relationships often screw with your mind.

Lol, cliched but true...oshadharon!:)
LOL! Your explanation was amazing as usual :) But I'm still trying to figure out what your friend meant! :D
@biplab - thanks :)

@rajesh - aha! the meaning can be another post on its own - but have to ask my friend's permission for that :)
Mentally your friend is like Britney Spears :))
Gosh! For a moment i didn't know what hit me...your friend's comment or your retort! :)
@Kumari - aaaah! now i am almost provoked to write more abt this friend but some love stories should be let alone :)
that, my dear Dada, is no Weekend conversation... Thats a Weak End conversation!!!

If ya know what I mean ;))

he he

Love, laughter n keep the faith...

Sagnik Jr.
@namesake - you have just inpired me for my next post :) you will realize why.
Remember that one-liner on Tees :

Virginity is not dignity, but lack of oppurtunity ...

@debalina - that was terrific with a capital T :)
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