Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend Update (I) 

It's been a while since I wrote a standard "daily update blog" - no wise cracks, sarcasm, news, views, toons, loons etc. - just simple daily update. So now might be a good time to do that (since all the things that are more interesting will require a lot more effort to key down - I like the fact that the phrase "pen down" has a new net-age form).

Well, the weekend has been pretty exciting till now. The initial plan of work, 3 movies, good Indian food, lots of driving and rock climbing has been changed slightly. Work has been done in moderate proportions and will need an impetus tomorrow. Thanks to Vipul's mom, the "good Indian food" option has been replaced with "great home cooked Indian food". Thank you aunty for the lovely dinner. I followed it up today with a good Indian lunch as well. Lots of driving did take place - though part of it was unintentional, courtesy getting lost (i'm definitely one of the most directionally challenged people). Rock climbing will have to be postponed till mid-next week (I have a thesis proposal on Tuesday). On the movie front I think 3 movies will have to be brought down to 2; of which I saw one tonight - movie in question being the thriller Mindhunters. The movie has been critically butchered and I guess the studio gave up on it too (courtesy the fairly constrained release). However, I liked it. It was a good popcorn flick. What made the movie really neat was that the twist at the end really caught me unaware. There is this interesting pattern in detective movies - we all know that the guy who hogs all the suspicion and dramatic music is not the killer, we also know that the guy with the least possibility is actually the best bet but since everybody knows that, that makes him the least likely candidate in a way BUT then since you expect that ... I can just keep going on. The important point is that it is very difficult for a thriller to make its culprit appear forgettable till the end - while not making him obscure (in which case you feel cheated). That is where this movie succeeded. So much for a popcorn flick.

Shall go and sleep now before the farmer boy intrudes again :)

U know where u have parked the car, u know which side there is good Indian (or Home Cooked) Indian food is, U know where the movie hall is, and U know who the killer is... And still u call urself directionally challenged???

me thinks u r being extra meek... what???

and dont worry... farmer boy??? we love him!!!

Love, laughter n keep the faith

accha ! was wondering....

do u ever use the compass i gave you?
@namesake - for a lawyer those were way too many assumptions :)

@chitra - if it wasnt for your compass i would have spent a lot many extra gallons :)
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