Monday, June 20, 2005

And you thought you had me down ... 

If you're not an Indian or if you're not a Bengali or in case you're just plain simple ignorant, then the following terms should help you understand this post :)

Parineeta (the book) - Based in early twentieth century, Sarat Chandra Chottopadhyaya's (who also wrote Devdas) classic triangular love story.

Parineeta (the film) - Based in 1960s Kolkata. This is a semi-modern adaptation of the book in celluloid form that seems to be the latest buzz generator in Indian cinema with a stellar star cast and some good music decorating the piece. (Also worth mentioning is that I find Vidya Balan very cute!)

Bengali - Language spoken in the Indian state of Bengal and also the language of the Parineeta the book.

Ok! Please ask me abt Parineeta. I've spent some good amount of time educating myself abt it. So come - shoot me with the questions. Especially because now I'm ready.

In the past two weeks at least 10 people have asked me various things abt the book. Just because I'm a Bengali. Even though I've repeatedly mentioned that "I DON'T READ" people somehow get the impression that I'm well read (and I don't mind that). So every friend of mine who had plans of watching the movie asked me a zillion questions abt the book.

Sweet Raghav was the first one. He asked me the most obvious question. "What does Parineeta mean?" I thought for a while and said "Prostitute". I thought a lil longer and said, "Sh!t. That's patita and not parineeta." Then I thought for a lil more and lamented at the degeneration of my Bengali skills. Then I changed the topic.

Rishi asked me how true to the original novel the movie is. I asked him to let me know if he finds out.

My sis knows abt my ignorance and is equally ignorant herself. She just asked me, "Hey did you know that it's based on a Bengali book?"

Hemo asked me, "You know the story, right???" She sounded so confident that I dint want to let her down. So I said yes. Fifteen minutes later I asked her to tell me the story.

Finally, I took up the matter with my dad. He was appalled to know that I dint now what Parineeta meant. I was promptly given a 5 minute lecture on the actual meaning (espoused) and the different contexts in which the term was used. This was followed by a short summary of the story and why it was unique then. Finally mom took over and she told me how the movie is different from the book and also that she was super impressed by Sanjay Dutt's dancing abilities.

So come on baby. Show me the questions! Let's see what you've got. Now that I'm ready to live up to my Bengali origins where have you people fled. I'll be waiting - waiting for you!

Lolz...you are gr8 !!!!

Let me laugh now..will post a proper comment later !

[I had got similiar questions from few friends of mine...and could never answer....]
Sagnikda Sagnikda, me is wonder how red colour state bus (L 14 types) is there in movie of 1960 Calcutta (hope you noticed it)
On second thoughts, that thing you'd to say about Sanjay Dutt's capering abilities...wasn't that his best part in the whole movie anyways. Banda kaafi smarty lag raha tha - maan na padega!
Did you know Parineeta was based on a Telugu classic by Gurujada Appa Rao called "Parvatamma"
@debalina - thanks a heap :)

@biplab(dadadadada) - ooops. i still haven't seen the movie but all the people who have had said good things abt Sanjay Dutt including the fact that he fits the role of a Bengali :)

@modi - go away! taking away Bong glory. go away :)
Good post Sagnikda :)

BTW I don't think Parvatamma was the original. I tried on google..no mention of it.And I swear by Google!!

So Bong glory still stays. (Unless and until I get good evidence).
What does Parineeta means? (rolling eyes)
Oops got it :))
@manchus - it doesn't matter that you are married. no woman calls me "dada" - simple :)) btw, thanks for the research and for preserving Bong glory :)

@ratna - :)
hehe.....parineeta is good...but channels like aamar bangla, star anando, and prosenjit as criminal are brushing up my bong skills...tomar asha uchit chiilo ...cal is cool now!
Oooh, ooh, I have a question! *raises hand* So, does it make a difference that all the lead characters are non-Bongs?
@ari - enjoy the vacation man. i'm really jealous of you (in a good way) :) have lotsa fun and bring back sweets.

@eM - ok you can put your hand down :) as long as the movie is nice or Vidya Balan looks as cute as she does in the promos) i dont mind the leads being from any place. btw, my Mom calls Saif Bong given that Sharmila Tagore is bong :))
I bugged my bong colleague to tears about this play we say, Pratidwandi. Starting from what it meant, to all sorts of other bong related trivialities ;)
aarrey loke khali aamake jigesh kore ei same proshno...n i had no clue..dad came to my rescue abt the meaning of parineeta..i thot it meant adultress..being a bengali living outside cal is highly stressful these days..everyone asks so many questions from the novel parineeta to the recipe for roshogolla!!
@Vignesh - ahaa! that i can help with - Pratidwandi means competitor :) yahooooooooooo!!!

@anon - recipe of roshogolla?? wow! so do you know it now??? care to share it :)
Whoever said Sanjay Dutt fits the shoes of a 60s Bengali bhadralok- when have you ever seen bengali men get as beefy?????
@a - arre Bengali men have always been beefy, well toned and sexy :)) have't they??
aarrey!! roshogolla recipe jaanle ki aar life outside calcutta eto stressful hoto??
"parineeta"" means : LUSTFUL MARRIED WOMAN!

anyone agrees???

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