Saturday, June 18, 2005

Between you and me 

"Dude. People like you and me will just sit and watch others get married," X commented.

Ok! X had barely known me for twenty minutes and after running out of things to talk abt (Yes! We had exhausted movies (which he dint watch), books (which I dint read), music (we had one common song that we both knew)). So I asked him something that I normally reserve for later - "Are you married?"

I didn't care that he was single. I don't quite care that I'm single either. I have no qualms abt he calling himself worthless and if it made him feel any better I could join him in doing so too. But but but buttock - I have very strong reservations against X making me a part of his despair by using the endearing term of "people like u n me" (for the lovers of Hindi what he actually said was tere mere jaise log).

The two of us had enough evidence to show that we were anything but similar and yet he had to drag me into this trap of "You and me". So what could I do in return. Smile like and idiot and nod my head and agree? Yeah! I pretty much did that.

And X is not the first person who has graciously included me in the exclusive pathetic list. I've heard people say "This is the problem with people like us" earlier too - for reasons ranging from cooking to sex-appeal ... "Yaaar, people like us keep getting screwed", "We'll always be relying on HBO for entertainment" etc. How come no one ever says, "I have just become super rich ad people like us will share it" or "People like us are moving sex appeal on legs"???

So that's it - I am officially announcing seclusion from any non elite and unflattering group that wants to take me in as a voluntary member.

And people like us continue to blog and read blogs !!
And I am happy for people like us ;)
feynman er bhashai...what do you care what other people think...
@debalina - :))

@anon - aha! my lates post answers just that :) Ironic.
it's people like us that will consistently wonder why we're in such groups and how we can get out....
@sara - if you get to know the hows lemme know :)
Ah....any statement I made earlier about "People like us" was with reference to the entire human race. Hence, please delete yourself from that statement. :D
Whoever this man is with his 'when will I find the right girl?' complex, he's a rare species. Didn't know male Sarah Jassica Parkers existed.
@ideamithy - *aaaaaargh* too bad i'm not good with emoticons - or else you would have seen a deluge of them :)

@a (loved your screen name) - "when will i find right girl complex" - :)) or ho abt a better and more general "will i find any girl complex" :)
although debalina has said this already, I feel like saying it so I will:
Don't worry, even if the women make sure their shadows don't touch those of people like us, even if homeless and starving at fifty is the only fate that awaits people like us, even if they invent a new subgenus called homo sapiens looseris for people like us, people like us will still have blogger. glory, hallelujah.
@orko - yes brother. we shall overcome ... we shall overcome ... we shall overcome some day :))
lol funny! 'bout something that 'we' use so frequently , sometimes i do use "we" n then as on afterthot i add" I dunno 'bout U but I ..."
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