Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A cup of T 

So I tried doing (I still haven't completed it yet) something new. In a fit of excitement I bought some plain T shirts and acrylic and have decided to paint them myself. You know - the typical aesthetic stuff that I desire from my Ts but somehow don't get in the market. So given below is the prototype of the first T that I'm planning to paint. Read the front before you are taken (a)back :)

The Front Side
The Rear (Rare) Side

P.S. Thanks to Hello and Blogger for their photo blogging facilities.

Do you ship international ?
eerr... i like to order 10 for myself & my hubby & my bro & sis & my mom & dad & my best fren & her hubby & ..... *counting with fingers & toes*

in fact, i think i need more than 10 of the shirt....
@vignesh - we do everything sir. ship T shirts, sing romantic ballads, hold restaurant doors and blog - all for a paltry sum of 99 cents :) interested?

@lynniebaby - coming soon to a store near you in technicolor (or is it take-any-color) :)
You could release a whole line of goods and merchandise. Hats, umbrellas, car stickers, mouse mats, ties, greeting cards, skate boards, door mats, bed covers even a collectible trading card game. I can see it now,
'Sagniks T Shirt'
'The Movie!'

Note - Any products made in response to my list will incur a 10% consultation fee on your profits for the idea.
Me would like one too. As would about 600 others in my office. How about a bulk shipment to Mumbai?
@the-edge - are you a lawyer??? and you have given me some great ideas abt bed sheets ;))

@mandar - i only have 595 of them left in black - the remaining 5 you have to take in yellow with pink polka dots - will that do?? :)
Oops! That'll be difficult. Will have to call a meeting and all and ask ppl to choose straws. Lemme see what i can do.
"are you a lawyer??? " nope, just a british college student who should realy be doing some work.

Is it me, or do you post at all hours?
i have a better idea, i wud buy some paint the same (since i'm not too bad at painting)

btw itz not patented right? :))
@mandar - now we have got ourselves into a lil situation, haven't we? we can make all these ppl perform like some Idol show and then ruthlessly chose which five to throw out :)

@swathi - patented? ooooops! now where is that guy who I thought was the lawyer :))

@the-edge - yeeeesh! he's the guy that i thought was a lawyer and he isn't :(( as far as posting is concerned i normally post 2 times a day and they are nrmally at round abt fixed times :)
you are so funny and witty and intelligent.my superhero.!!!
@anon - thanks but I'm sure that this is someone joking :)) i have a gut feeling that this is the occasional visitor from the Nandy family who reads my bloh when she has nothing better to do :)
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lol...I need that T as a gift ;)
And few others to gift all my ex bfs.. so that they know why I never had sex ! Lolz

And talking about lawyer..where is the 'namesake' ?????
@debalina - namesake ha disappeared leaving me all alone :) btw, al ur exes shall be sent T shirts provided you meet the ex-penes :)
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