Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Day Well Spent 

It's been a while since I photo blogged. So here it goes. This is what I kinda did from morning till evening. A thousand thanks to aunty (Vipul's mom) for reminding all of us what Indian food truly tastes like :)

P.S. I found a photograph from my high school days and I looked so different then (duh! that was eight years back!). Shall try to scan the image and post it here. It was very nostalgic.

These are your high school photos :-| You kids sure look older than high school. Which one is Sangnik?
@ratna - no no! high school photos will come later once i scan them. these were taken this morning in the beautiful beaches of SD :)

Sagnik (and not Sangnik) is the guy who is wearing a T shirt with zillion shades of green stripes on it :)
Oops sorry that was a typo. OIC, good pictures
@ratna - no ratna, you have hurt my deepest sentiments :(( there is an easy way of making ammends though - home cooked food again :)
ah ha... the spikey haired guy is back on the blog!!!

Please do post ur high school photo on the blog... is it with the sjs thingie on??? that would sure make me nostalgic n proud... after all, i have passed out about four years back!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@namesake - great to have you back. naaa, the school snap is not with in SJS uniform. it's during Durga Pujo and includes a bunch of people I don't even remember ever going out with (one of them I didnt even recognize) :)
nice big pictures....making the little box on the screen of mine pop up saying,error: object expected void. good pics all the same, btw, what were u people eating... on khoborer kagoch, eh?
@sayantani - we were eatingn traditional Marwari lunch apparently. "apparently" coz moi no expert on that cuisine - nevertheless it was very tasty and there were mangoes that followed - oooh la la to that :)
marwari lunches can be very tasty and tesy for ones stomach no? lasttime i had one was at my old neighbourhood frends place ( direct translation of parar bondhu).. she had a staunch marwari family... vegetarians. these vegetarians enjoyed chiken tikka and chocolate cake and onions at my birthday parties.
Sure. Drive down (up) to pacific northwest, you will get a home cooked andhra bhojan :)
Damn.. i called u jinku da...after looking at ur snap.. mes thinking..
anyways.. lemme guess , the guy in blue T-shirt and Glasses is your apt mate D??
@sayantani - ahaaa! this food has still been very nice to the stomach and yes, vipul enjoys the non veg pleasures outside his mom's kitchen too :) btw, chicken tikka and all for birthday. lemme know the date, now i know who to wish, all i need to know then is when :))

@ratna - don't tempt a hungry stomach! after all what's a drive for home cooked Andhra food :)

@divya - :) thank you (i assumed that was a compliment) :) naaa! the guy is blue T shirt is Sid, one of my only and best friends in SD but he is not D - though I know why you guessed that :))
o0o fun in the sun :-D

so who is everyone! do tell! a lil' story about each character shall be quite entertaining :-D
@sara - sadly most of the characters are unidimensional and very similar :)

for starters they are all techies except for the elderly gentleman (who is Vipul's relative). a quick summary:

1. barechested guy - Vipul. techie. very good friend. very helpful. great fun. Sid's apt mate.

2. blue t shirt and shades guy - Sid. very good friend. very helpful. great fun. Vipul's apt mate.

3. multi-green T shirted guy with shades - me, myself and I. tech that.

4. cool guy in sleeveless vest and turned cap - Vipul's cousin. tecie. just finished undergrad. abt to start grad school. the grind beckons him.

rest - visiting friends of Vipul. techies again. techies galore.
nice. i like your shirt. can i have it?
@sara - it's bright, has sand all over it and i'm sure it stinks. no human being would want it - trust me :)
are you implying that you dont do laundry?
ah... pix....

sagnik, u look exactly like i imagined....

more pix more pix pls....

@sara - laundry??? *that's a new word, better check up the meaning* :))

@lynnie - coming soon in a theater near you - photos of the geek part deux :)
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