Sunday, June 26, 2005

Don't change your channels 

We will be right back after a break.

Yup! I'll be taking a three day break from blogging. I'll resume writing again on Thursday. Nope! Thankfully, I haven't run out of things to say. It's just that I want to take a few days off and get my mind focused on a few things. So, come back on Thursday for more spice, drama and item numbers from this side of the World :) Till then - enjoy!

let's see...your break from blogging is immensely disappointing...for one, it deprives me from bugging you and for two, it sure does bereft me of a veritable distraction, albeit pleasant:)...so come back soon and let your heart speak:)
Oh no ! what will I do until Thursday :) Good Luck with whatever you are focussing on :)
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will miss u toooo much 'coz ur blogs r wat i luk fwd to in my otherwise dull,drab n mundane office life!

Come back sooooooon
will miss u!
Just for situations like these I want the Time Machine to be built at the earliest, so that I can fast fwd to thursday :-(
Okay, misquote me, if that's what it takes. But write, will ya!? :)

Looking forward to you return!
@all - thanks :)
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