Thursday, June 23, 2005

From Bubin's Desk ... 

It's no secret that I often draw inspirations for my posts from my dad's mails (yes, the sweetheart emails me everyday). So this post is gonna be another addition to that list where I'm pretty much just gonna lift stuff straight out of Bubin's morning mail.

It seems Bubin was watching some game show on TV and was shocked by the stupidity of one of the participants. The target of Bubin's anger was a "very attractive" housewife. She was asked by the host "where she went for her studies" and apparently the girl answered by saying, "First to school and then to college" :)) I've been laughing ever since I read this. Too funny to be true!!

But Bubin dint stop there. He went on to narrate one of his other favorite "stupidity stories". This one dated back to his college days. Apparently Bubin had a friend (we shall refer to him as X) who wasn't the brightest of kids. So, for one of the examinations, X was blindly copying answers from the guy sitting next to him. Half way down the exam this other guy's pen ran out of ink and he had no option but to use a pencil for the rest of the paper. X (and I still can't believe this) thought that this must have been some stringent compulsory requirement and took out a pencil and followed the trend too :))

The last line of Bubin's email - "Beta. Don't laugh too much after reading this. X is a big shot businessman now and has two foreign cars standing outside his house." !!!!

So what's the stupidest thing you witnessed??

stupidest thing i've ever seen? got to be one that i heard yesterday: bollywood banning smoking in movies!!!

*slap forehead*
as if this is stop others from smoking! what's next? ban guns & fighting from movies so as to stop violence in real life? *blah!*
Stupidest thing (stolen from my mom's emails): How a particular phrase originated in Tamil, roughly translated it says "Swat a fly and copy" - X copying from his friend and half way through, the friend swats a fly and X decides to carry the art of copying to perfection and he looks for another fly nearby and swats it!

Not sure how true the story is but the phrase always puts a smile on my face :)
gosh dun ask me this! recently i watched this on MTV(actually i wud've seen only 2-3 mins of this show)- there was this woman who was going around asking ppl on roads if they knew who was the first person on Moon and i was shocked to see that most of them paraded their ignorance ,infact one gal had the audacity to say "My boyfrend" while someone said "an american".i din bother to see which city that was but really i was amazed that youngsters these days r so ignorant n they dun even seem bothered 'bout it.(now am i starting to sound senile?)
@lynniebabi - yes, i found the whole thing very stupid. they could have just imposed greater taxes but now they want all smoiking characters to disappear - indeed very stupid *aarghh*

@rs - oh they have that saying in Kolkata as well. so either it's one very popular incident or a legendary saying :))

@swathi - that reminds me of te Jay Walk segment in the Tonight Show. I bet that most people in our peer group dont know who India's Vice President is :) you can verify by asking around.
Umm... India has a Vice-President? ;)
@+vani - look at the kind of precedent you are setting :)
Well, now.

I know a story of an Y who was considered by his classmates to be well, of lesser intelligence and savvy.

This same Y ended up in a top position (and I mean THE top) in a TOP academic institution.

But I can't say too much, or everyone will know who and what...poor guy.

He remained very gracious to those guys after reaching the lofty heights, even though he must have known the vocally expressed opinions of his batch mates.
@Sivani - now that's a real teaser. clue clue. please :)
Y ask Y!
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