Wednesday, June 01, 2005

headLINES #15 

The dad called the mom and said, "Aji sunte ho, the toons want to be a part of the International No-Tobacco Day!"
The mom took a break from her cooking and replied, "But don't over do it. People don't like preachy stuff."
The dad stated laughing out loud. "Me and preachy?? Pagal ho kya? Only one joke ji! That's it. He he he!"



Oh, eM should see that one ;)
@toon 39

no-tobacco day? non-smokers?? screw it man... I need my fags.
Toon 39 - Pondy
evolution: whatever u said is so funny. unless u know what u r saying dont say such things in public....hehehe
i can so identify the girl stick in toon 39......
sorry toon40....
What's wrong with lil security? ;)
Now this will heat up few lips n butts ;)
The girl in Toon40 has got the right mindset! Good for her!
@vignesh - aha, the whole smoking posts (now like the greats I wanna put a third one and make a trilogy :) ) were inspired by eM.

@namesake - i totaly agree with Ari. either you meant the joke in the last two lines and it was very funny ... or you dint mean it but it is still funny

@anon - pondy??? :(( how? :)

@ari - ditto

@sayantani - so can we come and stay in your beach house? please :)

@ratna - my problem is that i don't have any security to offer :((

@debalina - eeeew! i'm gettin all sortsa weird thoughts based on ur comment :))

@sara - what have women become - wht happened to the good old days when all you needed for love was a heart of gold and not a mansion of concrete :)
THESE are the good days my friend!!! These are the days where we need MANSIONS of GOLD and a HEART of CONCRETE!!!! ahahha i r just keeding. don't think im a goldigger, cause i'm not. I just like to dream big. As do other women, some more then others though.
poor hungary doctor ehh (phd):)
@sara - obviously i know you're kidding. anything serious is absent in this blog :) btw, never figured out the term gold digger - isn't it too much effort to dig for gold, specially when you can find them walking on two legs just waiting to be taken at the smack of the finger :) you said you speak a little Bengali so you will get this pun - "i have to go and find my sona now" :)

@ratna - indeed :( do you wanna send canned food :)*eyes brighten up*
aww ahahhaha cute cute. i dont know if you were serious about not understanding the term golddigger but i'll pretend you were and explain it to you....you dont literally dig for gold, you just admire it so much that you have to have it at all costs...not just gold though...anything that shines and is of much value money wise. comprende senior?
@sara - aaaaaaaaaaaaa! why do people assume that i don't know anything (though often they are not too far off in their assumption). yes, i know what a golddigger is :(( another piece of useess trivia btw, in India if you see someone picking their nose in public it is often commonplace to say "searching for gold, eh?" :)
hahhahhaha I KNOW THAT ONE! But isn't it only if they are searching REAL hard and REAL deep??
@sara - that's one deep comment :)
Normally moms call dads "Aji sunte ho" ... little mistake i think ... toons were good.
@sriram - oooops! me and my Hindi - between you and me that's the best Hindi i've said in a while :)
Hear hear! Smoking sucks. :P

(Ok, so it's the smokers who do the sucking, but you know what I mean)
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