Friday, June 03, 2005

headLINES #16 

Girls make guys weight a lot. Or is it wait? Just weight - lemme find out! Till then read the toons :)



Toon-42 was gr8 !!!

And what about those who weigh a lot ? ;)
@debalina - thank you :) you are weigh too nice :)
LOL! Classy!
hmmm, somebody's having weight problems....~.;)
@rajesh - thanks :)

@ratna - thanks :)

@sayantani - aha! you just gave me an idea for my next post :)
heyy weight for me, y'all :P

err..thats all.
@angel - sorry i weighted for you for a while - now i will go and take a shower and get weight :))
ha! i've been weighting for some new toons :-D

[hope i didn't kill it]
@sara - no no - forget killing - you made the toons quite happy :)
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