Wednesday, June 08, 2005

headLINES #18 

Have you ever wondered - why of all places, the person in a bar, dealing with over drunk rowdy throngs, is called a bar "tender"??? And while you think on that, check out some toons too.



Bcos...Bar-Tender are nice and tender to everyone..irrespective of gender ! ;)

I liked Toon-45 !.....
@debalina - so bars are like gender blender you mean?? :)

@ratna - thank you :)
Sagnik[da] - definitely!...I mean, ain't it one of the main delights of being in the US that the majority of the bartenders/waiters are people who we guys can ask out?
Really, isn't it just looovely when these dames come and ask soo politely whether you needed anything else:D
So much for gender-blenders...!
@biplab - sadly, most of the bars i have been to have hefty men serving drinks while the cute dames go searching for big tippers :((
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