Friday, June 17, 2005

headLINES #20 

UPDATE: My server is down and hence I have uploaded the images directly. So you can check them on top.

Lil kid: The toons touch half a century. Mastah! We should celebrate!
Kung Fu Master: I'm sleeping you prick! Don't make me wake up and kick your butt @#!!



the earthquake get your server or something? I can't access them cartoons.
same here - cant access! Do smthing... phaaasht!
@tipsy-topsy - thanks :)

@sanketh + anon - server down for maintenance :(
Aha...they turned 50 ! Can we celebrate , dine , wine and kick ??

Congrats :D
@debalina - sure - where do you wanna go?? or do you want me to cook :)
Anything would do, as long as its edible !!!!
toon 49...chi chi chi :-\
@sara - :)) i dint even get what the toon was abt :))
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