Monday, June 20, 2005

headLINES #21 

Once upon a time in a land far far far away some wonderful people stayed. They did lots of nice little things. The men ploughed, the women knitted, the children played all day long and the dogs barked tunefully. However, none of these nice people blogged. Why? Well, coz the Internet wasn't around then dummy. Now that we have the Internet people like me blog and every now and then I post cartoons and since you too have the pleasure of the Internet - go read them :)



wahahahaha.... loved the 2nd one. you are really wicked, you know? =P
@lynniebaby - thanks :) well being wicked is a relative thing too :)
Hheeheh.. one of my friend's in school. his father was actually the head examiner !!! As in, the leader of the examiners, not as in a shrink.
off to check them!
@vignesh - you are not supposed to crack a better joke in the comments section and make my already lame joke apear lamer *angry expression* :)

@loa_naissus - thanks :)
Liked the second one alot. reminded me of BITS. How i wish i had a 'relative' there :)
@kumari - aaaah Pilani and its sweet ways :) btw pilani did have a phenomenal number of students whose parents taught - i always found it amusing.
I probably owe a good grade to relative grading, but the real kind. In an extra side course my college does, general studies, the grade boundary for a top A is only 50%. I could of doodled and still passed. I’ll have to wait to see what I actually got, but I’m fairly confident. :)
@the-edge - all the best man :)
you read/watched "love story"!!

How ? Why?

Your post came on the 20th and the AFI's top 100 movie quotes came out on the 21st. That rules out that.

I rule out anyother possible means of acquiring that quote going by the axiom .. "no one quotes 'Love Story' except AFI!".


Again .. why!!!

go drink a beer and break some furniture. Be a man! :)
@sanketh - i had no idea that quote was from "Love Story" but i never said it's my quote either - it's a very common quote - i just wanted to play with it :)
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