Thursday, June 30, 2005

headLINES #22 

"Don't you think headLINES should use the new blogger imaging options. I hear they are really nice," the plumpish wife asked her plumpish husband, just before he was leaving for work. "I don't know. I'm not pro change. Remember what happened when I changed my last wife!"

The husband left for work and the wife left him!



where is the sanity?
speaking from experience are we...that was funny...toon 53 brought back very funny memories, which shall be recounted later.
@me - sanity has gone for a short trip. will be back soon kadfj aj ddsfhkf (sorry. while sanity is gone i can idulge in gebberish, right?) :)

@ratna - thanks :)

@anyesha - now come on. anybody who has seen me in BITS knows that nobody has had as many "stands" as i have :))
was not commenting on your sanity...was just wondering about the many sorts that I referred to yesterday...my own blog epitomizes insanity at its best...what else is left to say:)
This kind of one night stand is still better than being stood up, yes?
@me - :) i shift between in-sane and insane

@megha - moi has been privy to both situations and trust me they are equally bitter :((
sad what kind of a self-respectless freak would u be to waste an entire night standing and waiting for a girl, who's likely to stand u up?(forgive the pun)..anyways its okay, all of us do insane things at one pont or the other...
Ek dam true boss...I had great admiration for your patience in those days. But believe you me...you had some competition in the field...only most competitors fled the field after a couple of days of listless waits outside the "hallowed portals" while being subjected to gigles from the inmates and stares from dwarpal.
@sayantani - what's a lil self respect for a techie for the famed glance of the opp sex :))

@anyesha - aha! finally my sacrifices have been noticed. thank you woman :))
I know what u mean by bitter. If standing outside MB after ur gate call has been passed is bad, then waiting outside VKB for someone to PASS your gatecall is Worse.No make it worst.

:) Nice headlines. Nicer prologue.
@kumari - ah someone who feels my pain :) only in my case it was in a while(true){} loop - so it went on and on and on and .... :((
Nothing like HeadLines to put life in perspective:-)
@bridal - you know toon 54 wouldn't have been posible without you :)
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