Sunday, June 05, 2005

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Aha! I'm back talking abt one of my favorite topics. Desis. This came up when we were taking a group snap the other day. Just go through any snap that features more than 5 desi guys and there's a super high chance of spotting two things:

1. For some reason desi guys decide to put their arms around each other ("lemme hold your shoulder" is a favorite variant of this) while posing for group snaps. Someone please explain to me why we get hit by this innate sense of camaraderie while taking a photograph??? Am I the only one who finds this queer?

2. Another common desi snap thing is some guy making a "V" with his fingers over somebody else's head just before the snap is clicked. This is our favorite "Gotchha" trick it seems. I've even had friends who've proudly asked me, "You dint expect that, did you?" No! I did not. After all it was only the 50th time that somebody did that to me. Duh!

The next topic came up in Vipul's house. How many times have you bumped into a desi friend in a movie theatre and the guy asked you, "Came to see a movie??" And it's not just movie theatres. I've had people ask me inside restaurants "Khaney ayaa hai? (Have you come to eat?)" No kidding! I thought I was waiting for the bus out here. Thanks for telling me that they also served food.

P.S. As a footnote - I mentioned this to S today and lemme just reiterate that the English usage of the phrase "Duh!" and the Indian phrase "Da" (of "macchha da" fame) are different and NOT always interchangeable.

Peace :)

Shrewd observations! Cool dude. You write simple yet interesting stuff...
ooh interesting observations...
yeah, that arm-on-shoulder thing is TOO common...it IS weird.When the pic has been taken, everything moves back to normal. *rolls eyes*
@ashish - thank you sir :)

@angel - thank you madam for agreeing. btw, do woemn have similar quirks too???
yeah, SOME women do...
sometimes women put their arm around another's waist.
I HATE that!! it's like "EXCUSE ME!!"
Somehow, in some unexplainable way, it is okay before women to be all lovey dovey in pictures. I know that me and my friends, or my cousins always hold each other's arms or give hugs in pictures and its never criticized. Actually, now that I think about it, when most girls i know flip through a photo album, they tend to ask more questions when girls are NOT close to each other. They tend to assume the relationship is not very close or that the relationship is somewhat sour. But when guys do it, it just looks wrong. Like ewww why are they touching, can't they find girls or something? ewwwww!
@angel - is it like "EXCUSE ME" ?? or is it more like "DON'T SQUEEZE ME" :))

@sara - good so it's confirmed that it look weird when guys suddenly start hugging for a photo. that' why you can see that we made sure no touchy stuff happens for our beach snaps :)
yah...it looks like you guys tried a LITTLE too hard to stray away from the arm-on-shoulder act. you guys look like you are itching to reach over and grab each other ;-)
I might have said this once before - my fav is when they ask, 'Ah, got a haircut ?' - no, dude. I used tweezers. I'm a perfectionist, you see...
@sara - oh! you should have seen how we jumped on to each other after the snap was taken. a man has to do what a man has to do :))

@vignesh - sadly for me i always keep my hair very short - so people dont even realize when i've got a haircut. so i'm the one who runs around telling people - "hey, i got a hair cut!" :)
Hi Sagnik,

I have linked this article to my latest posting. Hope OK.
@kaps - absolute pleasure :) thanks.
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