Thursday, June 23, 2005

M for Movies, M for M, Ex for Exactly ... 

Disclaimer: M has said that she'll come and refute any post that I write using my conversations with her as an inspiration. So since this post too is a result of an evening conversation with her - I'm sure she'll deny it :((

So I was mentioning to M how Ex hated watching movies. Now people who know me know that I'm one of the biggest film addicts on the West side of East side. I have to watch a staple dose of 2-3 movies a week, without which I go bonkers. So Ex and I had tonsa problems abt my movie watching habits. But that's not the purpose of this post. What made Ex and my movie watching escapades blog worthy is her innate ability to sleep through EVERY movie.

Ex could and would sleep through every possible movie she went for. Action, emotion, commotion, slow motion, war, peace, India, Greece - it dint matter what the movie was abt. As long as the movie wasn't a chick flick starring a lawyer in pink, Ex would sleep through it like a just-fed new born kiddo.

One of the first movies we saw together was the Brad Pitt+Morgan Freeman starrer Seven. For people who haven't seen this really nice movie, it deals with seven murders corresponding to the seven sins. I gave Ex a basic plot summary before we went for the movie and fifteen minutes and one murder into the movie I hear sweet snores (we were courting then, so everything abt her was sweet) gargling next to me. How can someone sleep through a blood and gore fest, I asked myself! Twenty minutes later she woke up. "What have I missed? How many murders are over?" she asked agitatedly. "Two," I indulged in brevity. "You said there were seven murders right? Cool! Can you please wake me up after murder number five?" she whispered in a drowsy tone. What??? Have you ever heard of someone using killings in a movie as an alarm clock??? I was completely startled. But then we all know that during courtship you do as you're told - you don't ask anything, you don't say anything, except for "You look amazingly beautiful tonight" :)

One hour and three more brutalities later I nudged her again. "Missy, wake up! Five murders over," I whispered. I could hear smirks of adjacent movie watchers who were now relishing this free accompanying comedy as well. This time Ex woke up, yawned a partial yawn, rubbed her eyes and said, "If five murders are over then I can't follow the movie. Can I? So I might as well wake up after it's over."

Ten minutes later I heard sweet snores next to me. Lying next to me was a girl with her eyes half shut and mouth half open. What a sight. I tried to capture the moment in my mind, but just then Kevin Spacey appeared on screen :)

P.S. There are several other similar incidents. One of my personal favs was when she woke up ten minutes before Pirate of the Caribbean ended and asked me, "Quick! Which ones are the pirates?"

I identify with your Ex totally..
I dont like bloody gory movies either and most of time times find myself sitting in the hall with eyes shut to avoid the violent scenes.. So I guess there is no harm sleeping.. Saves you also the audio part of the blood squirting and gun shots and whatever else..:-)
@RT - as i mentioned, it's not just gory movies. we have gone for comedies where she woke up 30 mins into the movie courtesy laughing neighbors and would innocently ask, "what's the joke?" and sleep off :)
why do people force their passions on each other in a relationship? y did she have to go for a movie with u at all?!
Wow...Your Ex is amazing !!

Looks like,you have managed to scoop out 'hatke' girl .. Lolz
Ah finally! You didn't misquote me! Of course, it's a minor matter that you didn't quote me at all, but hey! I'm not complaining ;)
MY GOD! My ex was the same way! He would sleep through movies that I really wanted to see, but now that I think about it, I think he did it on purpose just to hint it to me that he doesnt like seeing movies at the theater....maybe she was hinting something to you?
Your X is like my current :) except he does not sleep through the movies, he makes me feel guilty that I got him to the movie, by his blank emotionless stares at the movie screen. My current's book reading is like your movie watching addiction. Bottom line is like TT said, I could not force him to watch movies happily with me nor he succeeded in making me read books like he does :)
@Movie-Maniac - Interesting Ex you have there :) And I see that you've run out of single letters of the alphabet now and switched to using two letters :) I, however, am waiting for a comment from "Ex who will not be named" to refute the contents of this post :D

Btw, I can sleep anywhere except in a movie hall. Even if the movie on screen is "Hello Brother" or for that matter, "Chhota Jaadugar".
Specially in a plane. The Take-offs and Landing put me to sleep quite easily. :D

@Tipsy - Zimble, no? Either she goes with him, or he goes with his male friends (unless you've got a third option). And boys night out 3 times a week is something I've heard guys don't get. So either she went with him to the movie and slept there, or he stayed home with her and drove her bonkers :)
i guess she didnt understand movies at all..!!..maybe she doesnt understand at all!!!
@tipsy - agreed :) but then that includes both parties right? if you make a guy sit through Tamil movies where he doesn't even understand the language, an English movie is not too bad an offer :)

@debalina - "had" managed :((

@m - ahaaa! finally :)

@sara - i guess all exes are ex-actly like that :)

@ratna - oh! in our case both of us dint read. we tried doing it together a few times but film magazines weren't that good for reading :))

@stud-writer - i agree to the rest of the post but take great offense at what I perceived as shot below the belt at one of modern India's biggest cinematic efforts - Hello Brother :)

@anon - i understand what you are saying :)
u go watch ur english movie while she watches her tamil movie and then spend the two hours u save this way together doing somethg u both enjoy. nahin hota aise?
@tipsy-topsy - oh how i wish :) but:

when they were together
movies and buttered pop corn
now she's gone forever
and he's sobby and all forlorn

Going by your blogs,you are anything but forlorn Sagnik...nekami koro na!!!
Feel sorry for mate for having dated such a douchebag :) Hope I can say that now (but then she did sleep through SE7EN.
if I were you, this (http://www.rinkworks.com/movieaminute/) is what I would have tried with G:)
@anyesha - et tu brute! this is what i get for my heart felt emotional outburst :((

@rohan - na, she is otherwise a very nice person :) and was/is great fun but YES when it came to movies - ui amma!!!!

@anon - :)) excellent - darn if i had blogged abt this 2 year back :)
darn, darn...*sighs*
Just kidding sagnik....I know the emotions attached with the Ex's
@anon - :)

@rohan - ob i knew you were joking :) it was "ex"pected :)
@sobby-and-forlorn-non-geeky-PhD-student - True about Hello Brother. In my defense, I only said I didn't sleep through it :D
I have only slept through the movie "Matrix - Revolutions...blah". I liked the first movie, but then on I just couldn't take it. In my defense, I was tired after flight from Portland to LA.
But G is Great!!! I salute thy ability.
@rajesh - now you ar etalking :)

@manchus - yesh! both the Matrix sequels are worth sleeping through. sadly they make so much noise that it is difficult to do the same :)
another laugh-out-loud posts :))

being a very finicky sleeper(where ppl r forbidden to even switch on their cigarette lighters while i'm sleeping) i cant help b but be jealous at ur X -wow! if she cud sleep thro' "Seven" - guess she cud sleep thro' anything else.
ok, talkin bout ppl who u dont wanna go to c a muvie with, i would be one of them. don't get me wrong , i love movies. i am a multitalented person, who talks shit through out a movie, making, puns, lewd comments at very cruisial scenes and make peole wanting to shed a few tears laugh and totally miss the point of the movie they're trying to c. thank god, my pals and family are used to me....no-one else will otherwise invite me to a movie. eg. i went to watch black and the moment when AB was to kiss rani, i made an extremely bad comment and was deluged with blows from a pepsi bottle, from my sis beside me.
@swathi - thanks :) oh! i am a light sleeper myself and my major problem is with moving vehicles. Give me anything that moves and I will stay wide awake. no wonder i can't sleep with moving movies going on :))

@sayantani - oh that is totallt fine. i have seen movies so bad that if it wasn't for the noisy people in the audience like you i would have felt cheated abt the ticket price. so i owe it to ppl like you :)
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