Thursday, June 16, 2005

Midnight Profundity (or the lack of it) 

A snippet from a chat with a friend (what would I have done without the creators of messenger services) :)

Me: So what does your boy friend want to do?
Girl: He wants to be a billionaire.
Me: Yeah! That's a good profession. I hear there's a lot of money in it.

good to c atleast some one's IM is workin... mine isn't.... msn has gone caput aft my comp was reformated. what to do? iv gotta update the thing and it seems i dont meet sys requirements... and IE7.0 is seeming a nightmare to dwnload.
@sayantani - that's better than what happened to my home computer - dad got the OS changed but the display drivers were incompatible it seems. so now we get terrible graphics but dad just uses 3 applications - so he is quite happy with what he did :)
I was thinking of career change from unemployed to something/anything else..
Your friend's boy friend showed me the way...:D
@debalina - as i have always said - this blog is basically an educational place and forum to discuss career changes :))
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