Saturday, June 11, 2005

Monsieur et Madame Smith 

Well, like most of my Friday night posts, this too shall begin with - Just came back after watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Doug Liman, who earlier impressed me with Bourne Identity, does quite a commendable job with this comic action caper (now I sound like a professional critic). A thoroughly enjoyable movie where the chemistry between the two gorgeous phsyiques was purrrrfect (now I sound like a tabloid journalist). And Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie. She looked like a million bucks and more (now I sound like a creep).

The movie infused a certain sense of deja vu as well. Come on - a bickering couple; a six year long relationship; a very bossy woman; and a very cocky guy. The resemblance was uncanny. It was almost like being with G ... and to top it all - the resemblance between G and Brad Pitt was uncanny too :)) (I already accepted that I'm cocky :) )

Go watch the Smiths in "action"!

Dunno, never really found AJ too attractive, though loved her role in 'Girl, Interruted'. So aside the AJ factor, how was the movie?
And have you noticed, 'Cinderella Man' went like a wimp at the box-office, although it has pretty good ratings everywhere...?!
@biplab - oh me dint like Aj too beautiful either till i saw the otherwise painful Originl Scene and then I was like woah - and since then I have loved her dearly :) The movie is good otherwise (not super great but def one of the better popcorn flicks in recent times)

as far as CM is concerned I think it is a case of bad timing - it was projected as a thinking man's movie and such movies shouldn't release in the peak of summer or winter when they have Star Wars and LOTR playing. maybe it'll pick up in the coming few weeks - maybe!
Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her and Aishwariya Rai. I hate them both. It should be illegal to be that beautiful.

And Brad Pitt is more beautiful then both of them. He's just the most perfectly stuctured man. Physically and Mentally. He is so freaking smart and all that ish. I want him.

I'm on my way to see the movie...it shall be good, i just know it
@sara - i was just tellig someone that right or wrong who cares. Jolie and Pitt should produce kids just to let us see how thse kids look :) go and ejoy the movie :)
quit kidding yourself dude. :)

watched the movie yesterday. va va voom!
@Sanketh - what do you mean by kidding myself? you have seen G - don't you thik she resembles Brad Pitt :)
just saw the movie....it was great...not as great as i thought it was gonna be but great none the less. anyways, Brad Pitt was totally hot, something about him and guns and his cocky im too good for everything attitude just gets me and Angelina was hot as usual. She matched the role more then Nicole Kidman would have.

about the producing kids thing...i heard that when two REALLY gorgeous people never have gorgeous kids. It's like some weird algebra, both of their good looks kinda cancel each other out.

example: Darminder and Hemamalini's daughter - Esha Doel. Definitly no where near her mother's beauty even though she's a cute girl. And his son's didn't get his charisma or charm either.

long comment - sorry :-\
@sara - the longer the comment - better :) woah! never thought abt the neutralizing effect of beauty. Esha Deol is an excellent example. I'm trying to think of counter examples - but can't. Would have said good ol' Kareena but then her dad isn't exactly Mr. Handsome. Shall let you know if I come up with any :)
enjoy reading ur blog!
@anon - thank you :)
Saw the movie last night. Didn't the last action scene remind you of Tomb Raider?
And yes, cool movie :)
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