Saturday, June 04, 2005

A movie and some emotions 

Just came back after watching Crash. I really liked the movie. At one point I was even thinking that the movie was brilliant but then some small things went missing towards the end and I ended up thinking, "Not brilliant! But boy it came very close to being so!" The movie boasted of a stellar star cast and great performances (I was specially impressed by Ludacris, who seamlessly held his own amidst a throng of established actors). I would strongly recommend the movie to anyone who's thinking of watching it.

Two emotional things happened during the course of the movie and since I'm in a slightly less cocky mood right now, it might be a good time to jot them down for future reference.

1. At one point in the movie a very heart warming scene took place and I smiled for the character in question. That's when I realized that the director managed to do something very rare. Coz nothing funny happened in the scene - no witticism, no gesture, nothing. Just the culmination of a character in a very touching way and for a second I forgot that it was all celluloid. I might be strange but movies rarely evoke that feeling in me.

2. A lot of couples came out of the theater holding hands and doing the "I'm so glad to be with you" stuff. Normally, at a time like this, when I see the positive side of love, a certain sentimentality and the question of "What if?" hits me. This was exactly one of those moments when I would normally start thinking of G and me. Surprisingly, today I felt very happy. Coz G hated watching movies. So I realized that G and I could've never come out of this movie theatre all cuddly and smiley. If I was with her I wouldn't have probably even seen this movie. And suddenly I felt very happy that I was single; that I was no loner answerable for the way I spend my time and suddenly, it was one of those rare moments when I was very happy that G and I broke up.

As with most of my sentimental thoughts, this too lasted for a very short while :) Fifteen minutes later I was on the phone with my sister planning out which of our kids (if we do reach that stage) would be a bigger bully :) (the plan as of now is that Pummy's son will be a geek and my daughter will snub him and call him names). Sweeeeeeet!

Hell....you never change....don't you ??
@anon - dint get the context of the question. what change were you talking abt???

while on the topic of change and conviction, my advisor said something that I really identify with - I'm opinionated but willing to be proven wrong :)
Omg! That is so eerie! I had the same conversation with my brother last night, and I told him the exact same things you said to your sister! weird!

p.s. cute cuddling movie couples make me wanna gag.
@sara - oooops! that sure is eerie. if you want more details - the plan is that my sis's son will be a geek with specs who'll win some spelling bee thing. in an attempt to infuse some coolness in him Pummy would name him Rambo. then when my daughter (who btw will be a bonafide flirt) will kick her cousin's butt everybody will shout, "Rambo's getting beaten up! Rambo' getting beaten up!" how funky is that? :))
Funny:) My brother is trying to teach my kids some less offensive cuses in telugu. I warned him, that I will teach his kids (when he has em) much more foul stuff ;)

Is that anon above, your pummy?
@ratna - ahaaa! in our case the cursing dept is totally under Pummy (i'm supposed to b the sober one in the family it seems). and no te "anon" is def not Pummy - she rarely reads my blog :((
nice!!! my plan is that my brother's son is going to be a major geek, but he will try to avoid being one all the time. My brother's son and my beautiful and talented and just over all perfect daughter will be of the same age. And then my brother's son, who my daughter will nick name "squirt", will try out for an athletic team to prove that he is not a full fledged geek. And to spite her cousin, my daughter will also try out for the team and get picked. and then make fun of "squirt" for being to dweeby that he didn't even make the badmitton team.
@sara - brilliant plan. in our case both Pummy and I are too lazy to send our kids for sports. so we will just fall back to cheaper tricks like sticking chewing gum on the hair and all :))
nandy bhai .. kal cnn pei ek bahut hi insightful gentleman ko jab larry king ne poocha .. "you WERE popular among the ladies as a young man weren't you..", tho unhone palakh jhapke bina kaha .."I didn't need women when I was young. I could do it myself."

hum single log rock karthe hain.

@sanketh - oh brilliant! who was this guy btw?? very profound. modi and i were talking abt the same thing this afternoon :)
damn bro! you and modi discuss this stuff n shit!! this is news. :)

Well, I am not sure of the guy's identity. Basically Larry King was doing this 20th anniversary thing where he recalls interviews he's done n stuff and this guy was a really old guy. Total coolio with cigar and a devil may care attitude. That'd explain the quick retort. Must've been in the movie business.
@Sanketh - in our (modi boy and me) defense we were discussing that every man is faced with the question of "whether to love a woman or yourself" coz lets face it - dating yourself is often an economic and fulfilling experience :))
shucks! it's now "our" and "we" is it! Worse than I thought! :)
Now am I glad I never was ragged by you 2.
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