Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oh Art - where have you gone? 

I think I've figured out what blogs essentially are - blogs are the public restroom doors of our times. Yes, I said it. Remember the time when a visit to the public restroom would greet us with classic one liners and jokes carefully inscribed on the doors? Sometimes crude caricatures would accompany the text; telephone numbers of exes who left miles before the altar were found aplenty (many relationships started courtesy a pissed off lover and a lover who went to take a piss); I've even seen pathos-dripping poetry on those doors; and above all gibberish that made no sense. Sounds familiar? Yes!!! We've all seen blogs that touch on some or all of these categories (at least mine does). Need I say more??

With the advent of blogs, all of us now have a creative vent. Earlier the only way to release this dormant creative energy was to leave carvings on stinking bathroom doors. But now the times are different. "Progressive" as many would term it. Now all we have to do is go to one of the free blogging services and Hola - we have our own lil toilet door ready in minutes.

So I kept staring at the plastic door of a public restroom yesterday, hoping to find something worthwhile on it. Hoping that some genius had left a piece of his mind out there to amuse me. Alas, there was nothing. Like Paris Hilton's closet of non-party clothes - it was all empty! A few stray occurrences of the word "Sex" appeared on the dirty green, but even that bored writer had given up midway. There were no cartoons, no one liners, no philosophies. Nothing funny to entertain me. Nothing worthwhile to plagiarize.

"All those folks must have started their own blogs," I said to myself. "I Better find them!"


P.S. I've always wondered what people use to engrave these graffitti? I mean, what carving equipment did these maestros carry with them to movie theatres? Any answers? Also, is "toilet art" a men's toilet phenomenon Or do women fall prey to this as well?

Of course those were the news boards /scandal boards at our school with info like who is flirting with whom. Some censored words learned from angloindian boyfriends etc... It is quite a knowledge base :)
Check them out in restrooms of pubs, bars etc....u will find plenty...infact out here in Clemson, I will show u a familiar name featuring on one of such graffitis
@ratna - relieved to know that :) reminds me that the first time i heard abt the f-word was when i was in 5th standard and someone wrote it in our school toilet. aaah! what a good boy i was :)

@ari - yeah, pubs n' bars i can understand. when you are drunk thecreativity accelerates and you need instant vent :) btw, who's mentioned in Clemson - tell me :)
There is a difference between toilet doors and blogs my dear boy....the degree of anonymity..you see. And the other thing I always wondered about was this...who were/are the brave men who ventured/venture inside ladies restrooms to scribble/dooddle on the doors/walls etc.etc...almost all the scribblling I have seen, seemed to proclaim that the writer was the proud possessor of a Y chromosome...
@anyesha - what :O guys scribbling in the she zone??? whoa! all this surprise must have proven that i've never done any such thing. the closest i've come to entering a lady's toilet as when the men's room in a burger joint was shut and my friends (including the females) volunteered to guard the ladies room to let me go in - in my defense - i still declined :)

as far as anonymity is concerned i almot agree to what you are saying - almost coz i have seen a few anonymous blogs and i have seen the occasional scribble in the loo zone saying "Raj was here" :)
Ha - a wave of memories of smart comments scribbled on toilet walls just flushed through my brain. Should jot them down.
@ani - please post them (here or your blog). some of them are truly great. i feel like sharing a few that come to mind now - but viewer discretion would be needed :)
@sara - that was a great joke - but i'm removing it coz i'm extremely paranoid abt political jokes - there's a long story (almost dating back ten years) behind this quirk and maybe i will post it sometime. hoep you don't mind.
of course I don't mind! but i hope I didn't offend you or anyone who read it. i r sorry :-\
@sara - not at all. nobody offended at all :) it's just a strange quirk courtesy an old story :) thanks for understanding.
I doubt if only "Y" chromosome has this talent, because ours was a girls convent, forget abt the bathrooms; Even male flies were not allowed into the compound. The art credit goes to the gutsy gals, but it was not that bad, just whos bf is who type of stuff, which was hot in our decade ;)
@ratna - even "male flies" were not allowed ?? tell me please good woman that you meant no pun :))
The loo graffiti in my school included a lot more than just text.

I always imagined that the artists used the compass from their geometry boxes to etch their messages. I only graffiti-ed on my school desks though, so don't know much about writing on walls.

And LOL about the male flies! :D
@+vani (not a good nuff name but "make do" for now) - aaaha! how could i forget the school desks. the way old sudents passed on information to the new ones :) thanks for reviving many memories.
@s'nik (I'm tired of trying to come up with names) - Did you ever do sculpture on chalk pieces or pottery with chalk powder? That was the other thing to do during geography class...
@rajesh - neither did i pot nor did i go for pottery. the headLINES cartoons (??) i do are the closest i have come to art - need i say more :))
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