Thursday, June 02, 2005

Query for the learned ones 

I was watching the gorgeous Angelina Jolie in the trailor of Mr. And Mrs. Smith. In one of the kick ass scenes she asks Brad Pitt, "Now, who's your Daddy???" For those who are unaware of the connotation of that sentence - well, let's just say "Who's your daddy" is one of the most well tested "naughty lines" in this side of the World! Say it with style, and you my friend will be one step closer to becoming a daddy yourself. So, while the curious me was trying to find out the origin of the phrase, it suddenly struck me that there are no well known (at least to the best of my knowledge) "hanky panky" lines in the Indian society.

I've always imagined the scene where a US educated Indian guy marries a good sweet desi girl and on their wedding night the guy gives his lady love a naughty wry smile and says, "So who's your daddy?". The girl blinks and replies, "My father is Mr. S. P. T. M. Rao. He is a Senior Manager in the ..." :) Somehow this visual always cracks me up.

Similarly, out here, after a date if a girl/guy asks the partner "Do you wanna come over for some coffee", the chances are high that you'll land up getting a lot more steam than you expected from you coffee. Do we have something like that in India (sincere question)? Ask an Indian guy "Do you want to come over for some coffee?" and he'll probably end up asking you if you have instant coffee coz that's what he likes.

Duh! Since I'm totally ignorant on this front, can some kind soul please tell me if there are any tested "naughty lines" or setups in India OR do people still follow the old tradition of couples going for European movies with abundant nudity and then nudging each other shyly during the hot scenes???

lol!! n did u find out the origin of who's ur daddy? :)
Is that what you did...the European movie bit????
I'll pass, because 'query' is not for me ;)
@shub - thanks :) the origin remains kinda hazy but this is what most people seemed to agree on (always count on the PhD student for some research) :)

@anon - :)) naa, i was cheaper than that - i used to just narrate stories from European movies :)) just kidding!

@ratna - ok :( but can you refer me to someone ???
European movies? Seriously?
@rajesh (still thinking of a better name) - yes European movies, coz the udity in these movies is considered art. you can always tell people "oh, i love their story lines and visuals" and appear to be an intellectual and raising brows :) (so i have been told)
@Mount-Of-Lord-Shiva (yes, I know it's lame, but after that 'Dimple' one you pulled, I'm almost desperate!) -

Sad. I always imagined it would be something like renting "9 1/2 weeks" on DVD/VCD and getting too lost in each other to bother with what was happening on the screen (a la Darr). :) But what do I know. :)
err..we too have evolved, so we are now wise to the "coffee" conspiracy
@raj - sadly for me every time i watch 91/2 weeks i think of Kim Bassinger as an old lady in 8 miles (I know it should be the other way round). So alas :(

@arka - ahaa! so the next time a girl in India asks me to come over for coffee you recommend its unwise to tell her that I don't drink coffee :)) thank you sir! thank you!
@s'nik - Dude, you can always ask for Hot Chocolate :D (The images in my head... *shudder*)
@rajesh (good ol' rajesh) - actually some psychological test i once did said that your views on chocolate and coffee apparently reflect yoru views on sex ... profound :)
Hmmm...Yummy ;)

Well, Coffee thing surely has evolved .
And the phrase 'whos ur daddy' ... somehow gives me a feeling that it is someway related to incest..perhaps..

Ok..I think a lot and think bad..and nor am I a phd student... but.....

Coffee, hot choclate and Def Leppard's 'Pour some sugar on me' !
@debalina - sugar is always sweet :)
My experience is a bit dated, but I thought I would record it anyway. In my college, being offered a lift on a bike or accepting such an offer was a sure sign of interest. A movie was the next step, followed by a day trip somewhere near by.

One version of the initial conversation (pre-bike ride) went like this--

Guy: (brightly) Why don't you find me a girl like you, yaar?
Girl: (ears perked up) As if. I have no other work or what? Which girl will go with you anyway?
Guy: Why? So many girls are crazy for me.
Girl: You have too much ego, man.
Guy: Oh ho. Look who's talking.
Girl: (angrily) What's your problem, yaar?
Guy: (seriously) You know what's my problem--you.
(...Cut to song sequence)
@sibyl - well it doesn't matter if it is dated as long as the scene ended with a song :) right?
Hey, what if I abhor Coffee, but love Chocolate?
Pedro wasn't the origin of the phrase, not by a mile. It's been a favorite college basketball taunt/cheer for a few years now. Funny thing...I was watching the movie Boogie Nights on cable and noticed that one of the actors used that line in one of his scenes. The movie was from 1997, so maybe that or something around that time was the origin.
@foma - yup! the mystery still continues :)
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