Wednesday, June 22, 2005


So I was pumping iron in the gym (as my homie Austin would've said - yeah baby yeah) and I glanced at this girl standing in front of the mirror. She put her arm on her waist and smiled a quick smile at the mirror. "You look nice girl," I said to myself. Around fifteen minutes later she caught my attention again; standing with her arm on her waist and smiling a quick smile at the mirror. "Ahaa!" I said to myself. "That must be her MIRROR POSE!"

The Mirror Pose. Now come on. Don't lie. We all have it. All you people who say "I don't care how I look. It's all abt the person inside", you know that even you have a mirror pose. You look around and see if anybody is looking. No? Bang. You strike a quick mirror pose before you leave. Women take this to an all new level of perfection. I've never understood till date why women always have something to adjust abt their lipstick everytime they look into the mirror. Either they add some more or they chap their lips to make it uniform or if everything else looks perfect then they just take their thumb and index finger and give a quick finishing touch to the two ends. And bang she's ready to go.

Men aren't Mr. Casual in front of the mirror either. Have you ever seen a man with hair problems stand in front of a mirror. Now that's a sight. In his mind he has a perfect style and angle in which his hair looks the most voluminous and he loves to catch a glimpse of himself in that state before he greets the everybodies. There can be a storm outside making a bird's nest out of his hair but as long a the man is satisfied with his mirror pose look - he simply doesn't care. Coz in his mind he thinks that everybody is still seeing "that look".

And don't even get me started on the flab hiding techniques. Come on! Not all of us are Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie figured. A little tummy, a small extra chin or maybe some extra ounce that others think is a bicep but we know is not - we all have them. So when we stand in front of the mirror, we try to strike a pose that reduces the visibility of all these extra pounds. Just like the hair style - as long as we can tuck our stomachs in, suffocate ourselves for a moment and for a second feel that the belly is gone, we can leave the house thinking "that's us - nothing more nothing less!"

Finally, to end this post, a small Mirror Pose quirk of my own. It's pretty weird and funny but I defend it saying that it's scientific. Most of us have hair partings and we've seen how changing the parting changes the way we look. However, most people don't realize that what we see in the mirror is an inverted image. So if you comb your hair in the other direction and look into the mirror - that's what people actually see us as. Now, my bathroom has two mirrors placed at 90 degrees to each other. So I always see my image in the reflection of one mirror in the other, since that inverts the mirror image and I get to see what I'm actually looking like :) Strange, right? But then that's me :)

A close observation on a women's Mirror Pose..esp the lipstick one!
@divya - mom, sister, sister's million friends, ex girlfriends, girls who i'd love to make future girlfriend - with so many women around it's hard to miss their traits :)
I don't look at two mirrors when I want to check anything. I take out my mobile and take a snap of myself and check it. Wierd, but true.
Ah, much impressive powers of observation. And that's why they probably say that, 'A thing of beauty is a joy...'

Why-o-why do men obsess about their hair, I wonder?!
Taking narcissism to a whole new level - the two mirror gimmick, just kidding :)

Quirky & funny post!
Me knows exactly what you are talking about! that tucking in of the stomach while looking sideways, so that we look at ourselves and say... "will ya look at those lats???"

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Sagnik Jr.

PS: feels good to be back!
hey i totally know what ur talkin bout in this mirror pose quirk... i never seem to be able to stop flashing my braces to view them pimples on them dimples on my skin when i smile, much to my sister's amusement/irritation, lol. u seem to have a nawabi fifation. y? i swa contaption like that(mirrors-2, at 90degrees) for the nawab at Hazarduari in murshidabad..so ur a royal imitaion.....lol.
@flaming-cyanide - wow! that's what i call use of technology - woah woah woah :)

@primal-soup - hair is all we have woman. Specially when the biceps and chests are guarded from lecherous glances by shielding them with layers of fat :) hair is all that we are left with then :)

@ramya - :) in my defense i dint put those mirrors that way - somebody else did (though i quite like it that way :))

@namesake (aha great to see you) - in my case it's more lik "now where are those lats"?

@sayantani - aha! sisters are a joy. my sis always pulls her cheek in ad strikes what i jokingly call a "model pose" :))
Sometimes I bug Prasad by saying "Mirror mirror whos the fairest of all" in front of the mirror like the witch in the story;)
oh btw forgot to post this , you might enjoy :)


From Rahul's blog :http://rahultyagi.blogspot.com/
My pet mirror ritual is to stare at it for hours.Of course I like to make different faces and expressions. And if I am in a really good mood and have all the time in the world, I take out the big make-up set that hardly use and try on all colors. Ultimately, I look like a cartoon :))))

But one more common thing I have noticed in the rest-rooms is that girls look at their teeth with a microscopic eye. And this is more prominent with Asians.
@ratna - LOL!! so does it scare him??? i will check out the link promptly. thanks :)

@manchus - excellent observation abt the teeth a tete. i have seen people do it here but i have not seen it much in India. maybe its a very Western concept. any ideas??
watz with mirrors, it wakes up the narcissist in us :)
we practice till we get that perfect picture look n try to bring out the same whenever we r photographed but unfortunately we look so different than wat we wud've liked to look as (esp. in fotos!)
@swathi - that's why i rarely take photos and even when i do i rarely show them to ppl. each photo of mine looks diff from the other :((
[looking in a mirror]
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin' to? You talkin' to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? Huh? Ok.
@tax-driver - ahaa true to your nick name :) btw, did i also see a tad bit of the MJ ad here too?
We only see what we want to see.
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