Sunday, June 26, 2005

Snappy Entry 

Just came back from Sea World after spending a very hectic but thoroughly enjoyable day with Arnab (school time pal), Puja (Arnab's wonderful better half) and Amit (post-school friend). A million thanks to the wonderful couple who made me realize how wonderful love can be :) An equal number of thanks to Aunty (Vipul's mom) who made me realize what Indian food actually tastes like :)

enjoyed a lot of fishy food, too? i thought people of regresive age went ther.... but the place looks mighty nice.
Looks like you are having a "whale" of a time
@sayantani - oh something i think i have mentioned on my blog earlier too - I don't eat fish :) and yes, the pace is really nice :)

@toe-knee - that's my line! that's my line :)
hey cool, i hate fish too. my blog id should say a lot about that... fishhater and all...lol.
"I don't eat fish :)" - Isnt that stmt kinda blasphemy? Especially since it originates from a Bong? I've known bongs who'd issue a fatwa and all for such remarks! :)
@sayantani - yes, i figured that from ur blog title and did find it quite fishy :)

@ajay - not just that - i also don't eat "sandesh" :(
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