Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stray thoughts from a conversation 

M and I were discussing the new Harry Potter book and how a principle character is rumored to have been killed in it. We were wondering who it might be. I know it wont be, but I think that it'll be really cool if Harry gets killed. No one expects that with another book left. What if some other unknown character takes up the revenge battle upon himself here on? That'll be really cool :) Now we all know that that wont happen. They'll never appreciate my idea :( So who can it be then? I personally feel Hagrid has a chance. "Largely" coz he's fat and the movie producers making the movie(s) have to feed the character a lot. We all know how movies dictate so many things these days - so Hagrid's chances of not getting whacked are quite "slim". Anyway, we then came to the topic of Ron and M vehemently opposed any possibility of Ron being the one. "Ron is so cute and adorable. He is sweeter than Harry. He has a huge female fan following," she said in one breath and that's how I got the idea for this post.

Now Geeks have been adored by people over the years. The simpleton who starts mumbling, never gets the girl and always gets snubbed by the cooler protagonist has been one of the stock "Oh cho chueeet" characters all over the World. Young women come out of movie theatres asking, "Wasn't he soooooooooo sweet. Specially the scene where the girl refuses to go out on a date with him. I felt so bad for him," they rave. "Isn't he adorable?", "Aaaaah! I just love his eyes" and "He was so funny" does the rounds. BUT the ironic thing is that no girl in real life wants to date these characters. It's all good on celluloid. It's all good to discuss with your boy friend over dinner in a playful attempt to make him jealous. But in reality??? Naaa! Naaa! Come on ladies, be honest. Who would you rather be with - handsome jerk who displays muscle shuscle or the simpleton with 1960s hair style who still fastens his shirt's top button?

So stop raising the hope for the Geeks. Stop making them feel that they have a chance. Every time you see A Ron on screen boo him so that the closet Rons sitting in the theatre next to you and pondering on which route to take makes no mistakes. Your noble acts can then make many a "Ron the geeks" of today into "Ronny the sleeks" of tomorrow. You have the power women. Use it!

I shall end with a related conversation that I had with a woman last week.

She: I think you and I'll get along really well.
Me: What makes you think so?
She: Oh you study and all. I get along well with Geeks!


hmm.. on the subject of harry potter

So what will Draco do?
Am surprised you didn't think Dumbledore might be killed? Or Ron's parents - they are so nice, am sure one of them is going to be killed just to make us feel even more than we feel about Harry Potter books :)

Boo boo ron on screen? No way! He is just sooo chweet!
@sridhar - :)) amazing link. thanks for it

@ramya - Yeah. Apparently Dumbledore is a fav for getting killed because then Harry will have to fight one major dramatic battle in the final book. So you are a Ron fan too :)
U seem like a self-proclaimed Geek. I think otherwise, all I feel is that you are fishing for compliments :) You definitely are handsome with capital H.
@anon - :)) thanks for the compliment *big grin* and NO - i'm not fishing for compliments and i'm not a geek and have never claimed to be one :(( the mention of the incident was to show my surprise (and discontent) at being called one :)
Remember that ghosts play a pretty active role in the books - "Harry killed" doesn't necessarily mean "Harry gone from the book."

And on the subject of geeks: I married one. And I went along the next time he got new glasses, and helped pick the trendier frames. And I pick out his shirts, in a better style. And I unbutton the top button for him. And I suggest the cut to the barber, and then show him how to comb it :-)

Never let the exterior blind you to the interior gold. Cosmetic changes are easy to affect, but changing someone's personality is more demanding.

So girls, go for it: marry the sweet geek, and leave the egotistical hunks to continue their ideal relationships - with themselves!
Lol, Sivani...touched. God bless you:)
@Sivani - yeaaaah! that's the spirit we are looking for. now tell me - where can we find more women like you in my age group??? please help :)

@biplab - completely agree :)

@anon1 + anon2 - :)
@sivani..woow!! that is as powerful as MLK's famous speech only that its for
suppressed geek souls.
I thought I will leave a comment just in case any kindred "fair" souls are moved:)..you know just tell them "look no where" types:)
@Sivani: That is one helluva makeover story.

I just married a geek too. But the roles are reversed, he is going extra miles to teach me about wireless routers and networking and sth else that i never remember :)
what is this? now sivani has taken away the limelight :(( comment more often woman :)

@gvenum - way to go to dude. lemme know if any kindred souls answer :)

@kumari - aha! welcome back woman! i almost wanna crack a missed the mrs joke :) btw. wireless routers are indeed hot properties now :)
Excuse me! I did not say any such thing! Just because I prefer to remain incognito, you get to misquote me? :)

I said - Hermione is one person they will NEVER get rid of. She is responsible for a big part of the female audience for the book series. (And you chimed in with 'a big part of the male audience as well') You also insisted that it would be 'cool' if Ron died since he's got the cho chweet factor. You're just morbid that way, what to do :)

Oh and I think Dumbledore might get kicked off. I think Rowling might have gotten that idea after Richard Harris (the actor who played Dumbledore in the first three movies) passed away after the making of the third flick. At least that's my theory :)

Now I can go back to being anonymous ;)
@M (or is it she who shall not be named) - :)) what is this? you are coming and doubting my authenticity :(( are you calling me a liar *angry face* :) i distinctly remember talking abt Ron - maybe I brought it up - but then there is no proof :)
Well said Sivani :) I tried to change my geek :( I give up now after 10 years.
oi, who said, all gals find the geekish ron cho chweet? some of us find him funny but annoying....hate his mother more...and im not sure the theory about harry dieing isn't that new... JKR is really an international Ekta Kapoor.. she'l possibly kill him and bring him back...just as she'l bring Sirius back, i tell u! or maybe not. harry potter won't die. he is *GASP!* IMORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ratna - that's so sweet. really. any chance that you have ayounger sister or something ???

@sayantani - "JKR is like Ekta Kapur" :)) Amazing. Wait, let me get over that first before I write anything further :))
come on, don't tell me u don't c the similarity...i mean, any saas-bahu watcher will c it. ekta and JKR are both extremely powerful women who control the strings of their own respective domains... come to think of it u might not have seen Ektas power display, since u dont live here......
i'm sure it wud someone least expected like Ron's parents or Dumbledore n then ppl wud feel cheated... like I did when someone told me that in the "Order of the Phoenix" therez a death n imagine my guilt when i din feel even a lille sad when Sirius dies ~

btw, I dun for the life of me understand y women like Ron or Ashley(GWTW).
Ron a geek?!!!!...hem hem ...thought he was the one fighting a losing battle with books!
@sayantani - na na! my sis is a moving dictionary on Ekta ji. So i've been forced to hear some info too :((

@swathi - my HP crazy apt mate said it best - they should kill one of Ron's brothers - there are way too many of them already :)

@mitasho - "losing battle with books" :) in reality i think Ron would have been the mediocre kid whose parents would make him slog and be an engineer!
Something I've noticed is self-deprecating humor works wonders for your image. Every guy who attends a university fancies calling himself a geek.
contrary to what you say I still think the geek thing has some appeal.

somehow i feel most guys have gotten wise to the who hunk thing. is it really worth the effort. you'd rather just be a self-proclaimed geek. that is a convenient excuse for not doing your laundry, wearing the same tee for days on end, ignoring basic rules of hygiene n what not. It is just the perfect excuse.

We shd start a Geek Council. We ought to weed out the pseudo-geeks. (Notice how I slipped into the council myself).

geeks rule all! :)
@sanketh - that's an excellent idea provided i get a geek pass for use too :) it will be one of those flashy badyges that will get you free access to library books and internet gaming rooms. any other incentives??
free access to library books .. hmm isn't that called a lib card? and you call yourself a geek. seesh!
@sanketh - one pass for everything is what i meant - does any library card also let you rent games, pay bills and find women online?? and you call yourself a geek :))
Not sure if you check comments to your old posts but here is something a friend forwarded to me - on a similar vein though much more harsh :)
@ramya - yes, i read the comments (they get mailed) and i remember that article coz a girl read it for my presentation class :) thanks anyays!
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