Friday, June 03, 2005


D (my apt mate) is fat. Not the cool type spelled as PHAT but the round and rotund types. Three weeks after he started seeing his current lady love, he decided to shed some weight (along with his inhibitions). Now that he was feeling fortunate, he decided to spend a fortune buying a new tread-mill; lost some pounds pushing it all the way from the garage to the apartment; chalked out a strict regimen to use it and then ... just forgot about it. He tried though. Tried hard. For a week he kept cheese away and ensured that his darling did the same too. I would overhear stray conversations where the lovers tried to "moti"vate each other. Slim chances of that happening though, coz one night they both gave into temptation. "Enuff," he said to himself and dived into the packet of cashew nuts that he had shunned for a week. The distanced lovers then sat in front of their computers, with their web cams switched on and munched away to glory; smiling gleefully and occasionally burping. How sweet! The lovers had finally decided to let each other grow as individuals. As a result the smile on D's face is back and so are the Krafty cheese packets in the refrigerator. D's battle with growing weight is over and he has surrendered to the stout side of the force. Today, he is a happier person.

All this made me realize that a majority of us will eventually be like D. However, we spend years thinking that we are pounds away from fab abs. We buy clothes that make us look thinner, eat (if we do) unsavory items like "tofu" (don't even get me started on the topic of tofu) and follow sporadic gym routines where we look at our "gym idol" at work and ask ourselves how long it'll be before we look the same way. All this for the 15 seconds of joy at the end of the month when we stand in front of the mirror, tuck in our waists and think, "Yeah! I look thinner! Probably ..." :) The secret for us is to always be fat enuff to think that we can eventually be slim if we want to.

D, very soon I'll join you in finishing those cashews. Just weight and watch!

your apt. mate and his lady friend are truely on the right path. if only today's society followed their regimine, we'd have very happy and very cheerful people greeting us in the streets instead of those very vulgar and very angry hungry people growling at us. i honestly think rudeness is caused by the lack of good ole nutrition.

and tofu is quite good if you cook it the right way. it's one of those sponge foods that absorbs the taste of foods that surrounds it. like this one time my mom cooked it with begun aka eggplant. mad good.
@sara "rudeness is ... good ole nutrition" - brilliant :))

as far as tofu is concerned i still have very strong reservation - my ex used to mis tofu with everything - very annoying and non tasty :(( plus i always thought that tofu is a replacement for paneer :)
well silly thats your problem. you can't compare a soy product (tofu) with a cheese!!!! thats like comparing cricket with baseball! may look similar but two totally different things!
@sara - well, when it comes to food i have one common yardstick - taste :) so it dont matter if its soya or cheese or honey dripping chicken - i want something which makes me go - "hmmmmm! can i have some more please?" and that's where tofu fails :)
"we can eventually be thin" - fat chance :)
@ratna - hmmmmph *followed by the costomary sulk and head turn* wait and watch woman - wait and watch :))
who is using the treadmill now? :d
I like the part where you say "to let each other grow as individuals" ....
Despite all that you profess on this site, you sure know a lot about relationships ;-)
@tipsy-topsy there it lies ... in frot of my eyes ... looks pretty nice ... you wanna slice??

@anonymous - i wish that was true :)
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