Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weight (in the) Line 

I thought of this line as a reply to a comment on the previous post and thought that it'll make a good line for a weight loss program:

"Lose your pounds without losing your dollars!"

Any takers?

mmmmmmmm....good one, actually! where didcha flick it from, sagnik? ;o)
@shub - :P
ROFLMAOOOOOO!!!... hahahah!!...
goddd!!! the things people offer~!!
where do i sign up?
@grafxgurl - so are you in??? :)

@sara - to check it out, firt the cheque has to be sent out :)
loooong time for me... but then, univ has reopened, and havent had much time...

i dont wanna lose pounds... i wanna gain dollars!!!

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

i want i want!!! hei, but wait... u mean we have to send out $$ before we sign up!?!?!? hmm... me thought it was free... =(
@namesake - aha! the grind beckons you i see. visit more often or else i shall pound you :))

@lynniebaby - cool then, it's free for you. buy buy :)
*folds her arms and strikes a tall pose*
hmmmm.. i cant be roped in THAAAAAAAT easily!
What about the english (like me)? Our currency is pounds, like £5.50.

So would I lose my pounds without losing my pounds? Does'nt sound like a very good deal if you reverse it, but then there no way to tell which way round it is. You could be swindling me! A con man! fruadster! scamer! rip off merchant! shady dealer! hoodwinker! cash grabber! no goodnik! trickster! evil doer! mongoose herder! waffle vender!

you'll get none of my hard earned money! Im onto you, you're busted, done, nicked, brown bread. Im calling the police right now. Dont try to run! we'll get you!

on a less insane side note, nice line. :)
@grafxgurl - so what do we need to have you on board? money? freebies? hot men in our ads? you name it and ... we will deny it :)

@the-edge (ur name sounds like and amazing sci fi movie title) - i guess we have to pull of our product from Britain. are you happy now? look at what you have done. you, my friend, will be the sole reason for the "growing population" in England :)

on a less insane note, thank you :)
how come its free for lynniebabi and I have to send the check in the mail? i smell some fish....
@sara - coz lynnie doesn't know abt the hidden charges and for her shipping and handling charges apply :))
ur a sneaky one Mr. Nandy.
@sara - shhhhh! don't tell anyone :)
@S'nik - I thought "without losing your dollars" is because you won't really lose them. You'll know exactly where they went. :)
@+vani - reminds me of this joke - every time a woman loses weight - she finds it back too :))
The basic idea behind diets is that if you 'go on a diet' it implies that some time you will 'go off the diet' which won't help.

I’m actually underweight according to those height compared to weight tables. I eat loads of junk, although maybe not loads compared to some people’s standards, but I know it’s still too much. I won't be needing your service Mr Nandy, although I could see clear benefits in a 'gain pounds while gaining pounds' deal. Do you offer such a service?
@the edge - every time you used the term "service" i felt like a middle aged lady who's being eyed by lecherous voyeurs :)) the famous game of tennis my friend - where i offer my service for love :))

jokes apart, i know of a girl who tried (is still trying) hard to put on weight and her poor (maybe literally) boy friend is facing the brunt of the situation :)
Can't we loose pound and gain dollars ????
@debalina - oh! trust me to gain some dollars I gain even gain some pounds - but I can't seem to find that scheme myself :(
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