Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Weighting" for Food! 

Once again I owe this post to a morning conversation with M (she who shall not be named)! The topic today - food!!!!!

Well, M told me that in South India people actually often order biriyani by weight e.g. "We'll take one kg biriyani please." I found this very amusing coz the whole sight of a happy four member family landing up in a biriyani joint and having this conversation cracked me up:

Server: And what would you like Sir?
Father: We'll take 1.5 kgs of biriyani please.
Mother: Actually I'm feeling more hungry.
Father: Excellent. Then make that 1.75 killos.
Son1: I want 25 gms of ice cream too.
Son2: Me too, me too.

How cool will that be?

While on the topic of weighing food, I've got to mention this. I was telling my apt mate, Subs, that I once interned in a company where they had multiple varieties of food for lunch and the employees paid based on the weight of the food they took (so it dint matter whether you ate 12 lbs of salad or 12 lbs of delicious chicken gravy as long as they were both 12 lbs). Coming from India this was a completely alien concept to me. Subs however, completely missed my point. He imagined that "paying by weight" meant paying based on how heavy the person eating the food is :)) When I started cracking up he defended his imagination saying that he just thought that was the company's way of keeping it's employees fit and trim. Just imagine the visual. An employee walks up to the cash counter and has a scale waiting out there for him:

Cashier: I'm sorry Alec. You've gained an extra 2 pounds since yesterday. So I'll have to charge you a dollar more for that burger.


Alec: I saved two dollars on the pasta today.
Stewart: How?
Alec: I went to the toilet and emptied myself just before the meal. Also I went to the cafeteria without my sweater on. I almost froze down there, but guess what? I saved $2. I think I'll have some ice cream with that :)


sagnik...manoosh er imagination kotota wild run korte pare...proshnota shohoj noi...tobe uttor ta tumi i dite parbe
@anon - :)) i will take that as a compliment :)
Server: What would you like sir?
Father:We'll take 1.5 kgs of biriyani please.
Server: Sir, we only serve cookies!

I knew this would happen! You misquoted me AGAIN! BAH!

a) I did not say South India, I said Hyderabad.
b) I did not say, people order biryani by weight in restaurants.
c) I was specifically talking about catering orders.
d) The real point behind what I was telling you (and what you were refusing to listen to since you were too busy laughing) was this ---

When you order a kilo of biryani, it is apparently not one kilo of biryani. It is biryani made with one kilo of rice, to which one kilo of meat is also added (as any self-respecting biryani maker will tell you, the rice:meat proportion is always 1:1) I found it rather interesting that an order of one kilo of biryani at this rate would actually weigh 2-3 kilos.

Not being a biryani caterer myself, I cannot personally vouch for this info. I was only made aware of this nugget of info by the local Irani cafe/biryani supplying restaurant.

And you, Sagnik Nandy, are a bad BAD man! Yes, worse than Gulshan Grover even! *scowl*
Whoever told about SouthIndians buying biriyani is totally wrong , i have lived in south all my life and this concept does not exist! Yeh we buy 1.5 Kg of veggies/chicken like any where else!
@nasayer - :) interesting that cookies begins with cook - never noticed that till now.

@M (who I am provoked to name) - :)) who will the bloggers believe. M who is anonymous or the innocent me who is reporting information that M is passing on :))

@divya - what say I get you ad M in touch and you all fight it out :))
I belive M , not you bad man!!!!
*evil laugh*
Hmm... well... If you are ever in Madras, I can point you to a hotel that acutally has a buffet, where you pay by weight - 1 Kg of the items on the buffet costs this much kinda thing... I have heard stories of people trying to take 1kg of papads... not being a bad person myself, I just love rice too much ;)
@vignesh - oh they have this restaurant here where you can take all that you want but only in one bowl and only once. you should see how people pack their bowls of rice :O
@vignesh - i think that is in saravana bhavan. even i've heard of that, but never tried it. :-) and btw it would make more sense to stock up on 1 kg of sweets rather than papads. :-)
:)) Very funny. I should start working for such offices
@Janani - I noticed that I can eat half a box of sweets in India, but eating 4 pieces of Barfi in the US gives me a sugar high.

Someone explain that to me.

@non-geeky-PhD-student - Dude, misquoting your sources is a crime of the highest order. *in-typical-betrayed-heroine-in-movie-style* "How could you?!" :)
@ratna - thanks :) you can then sneak out some food for me while i "weight" outside :)

@equally-geeky-as-me-but-not-student - muhahahahahahhaha :))
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