Sunday, July 31, 2005

All the girls on the floor ... look no more ... 

The weekend was well spent in moving out from the old house (which was finally completed), introduction to golf (!!!!) and a visit to the night club. Every time I'm back from the night club, I get something new to post about. I've previously mentioned cool dance moves and the high-school resemblance. Last night I tried spotting what I thought were the sadder specimens on the dance floor. The competition was stiff but the judges managed to come up with three winners. And here they are:

* The well practiced decked up single guy: This is a new group I believe. They were there in abundance last night but were absent previously. This group comprises of single men who are dressed up impeccably for the occasion (tight shirt with carefully opened buttons, spiked hair, chiseled glances et al.) and have an awesome bag of dance moves ... BUT then they don't have a partner for company. So they dance alone and try out all these moves by themselves and look around periodically to see if they are catching any roving eyes. The humor gets an added bonus when two such people suddenly land up next to each other and they think that the other is encroaching on their territory. They then let loose their "best" moves (which always involves some step where the guy sits down at the end of a fancy twirl).

* The accompanying friend of the making out couple: I caught two such specimens and I sincerely felt bad for them. People belonging to this group (male or female) come along with a dating couple. Initially (which means till the first drink and follow up dance) they are a cozy three-some group. It's only after drink two that the couple starts making out and slowly forget or regret the idea of the third friend who accompanied them. The friend can't leave and yet s(he) doesn't want to be the proverbial haddi of the kebab. So s(he) loiters around next to the couple (who are all over each other) trying to be invisible. What makes this even sadder is, when in between songs and liplocks, the couple asks the friend, "Hope you are having fun"!!!

* The lonely girl who gets left behind: I've noticed that a lot of big group of girls hit the night clubs by themselves. They start by dancing together and then the popularity contest begins. Random guys come and suggest their desires to dance and do a lot more than that to these women. The girls check them out and if worthy the attention, they leave the group and become a night-long couple. Soon the numbers start trickling. The initial group of five gets broken down to four. Then the two twin-looking guys come and get hold of two more members. The two girls who are left behind feel terrible and just when they are wondering what to do next, the short guy with a neatly shaved stubble asks one of the remaining girls for a dance. Under normal circumstances this guy would have got the boot but the girl knows that she might soon be the last one standing - so instead of the boot she offers the guy her booty. And that leaves the "lonely girl who gets left behind all alone" :(( She then dances all by herself and occasionally raises her glass in acknowledgement to her other friends who try to avoid her glances.


You forgot the category of people like me... who go there alone and dont even know how to dance... they just sit there and booze... and i think we are are the majority group.
And what about the ones who never went ??
@handa - that's not too bad - it's like going for a dance show - where you pay less and get a closer look at the dancers :)

@debalina - mom's of neighboring kids use them as examples and tell their kids "be like Debalinadi. see she doesn't go to the disco fisco" :)
went back and read the "cool dance moves" post. Was real funny . I was sitting in my seat and giggling :)
n then therez the category of gals who come with guys who have two left feet ,so while the gal dances ,the guy jus stands next to her n makes a few movements with his limbs! (ask me since i belong to this category)
I really feel sorry for the second group who went with the making out couple. Why did she go in the first place??? And can't she hook up with someone else like the guys from the first group??? That would even out things a little.
@divya - thanks :)

@swathi - ooops! i have been part of the other group myself :)) i just can't dance ad accompanying someone to a club means embarrassment for both of us :)

@M - nic idea! actually ideally if it's a guy, he can hook up with the person from group three as well. hmmm! somebody should do it :)
Lolz !! Da, that reminds of a true incident. Me and 2 of my Carmel friends were having cigarettes in counter.Place was near Ramakrishna Mission,Golpark. A mother with child was passing by,when she caught 2 of us girls fagging.Next thing she does is come near us, and tells her child
" Dekhechho ? Ei didira baaje. Eder moto hobe na. cigarette khabe na" !!
@debalina - eeeesh! i always find women who smoke very interesting. chah! all these mothers are messing with my likes :((
You forgot:

"The ooh girl"- she turns to her friend every time a good song plays and says, "oooh that's my song", her moves can get any guy on the floor and she doesn't pay for any drinks all night, but still manages to get drunk! She can be single or have a boyfriend (who has decided to stay home coz he doesn't like clubbing) haha! In the end she usually leaves the club having given phony numbers to pestering pests!
@SN - oh yes! there were plentyyyyy of ooh girls (nice name). however, i dont think i can call them losers. can i ? :)
wat abt the go-there-to-give-it-a-try type? ppl who go there to
1.to get a feel of how a niteclub act is(ppl who hvent been there n wanna give it a shot)
2.despos who really wanna get a girl/guy
3.ppl who come there just to get a (in)sight;) of the ppl dancing
ever noticed any of the abv types?:)
@XYZ - brilliant! yes, seen them in tons too. since i dont dance at all i have always been a part of group 3 with the occasional drink :)
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