Thursday, July 07, 2005

Collage from College 

Ok! So my sister Pummy has the most amazing set of friends I believe. According to her, the Masters program in her university, is far more entertaining than any comedy show currently doing the rounds. I can start a separate blog just on stories from Pummy's new college but too much of blogging is not good :) So here are two stories she told me recently:

* There's a slightly (and I'm being parsimonious with my use of adjectives) overweight girl in Pummy's class who claims to be dating one of Bengal's most eligible movie stars. This Bengali dude is rumored to have caused quite a few heart aches and Pummy's friend claims to have completely bowled him over. Every day the girl narrates tales from her book of romantic escapades (including how they successfully dodge the paparazzi). Finally some girl in the class could not control her curiosity and asked this girl "what this actor sees in her?" And, I'm not making this up, but apparently she said, "Why? My big bottom?" Yes, that might sound like a 'rear' answer to you but that is what Ms. I'm in Love said.

* The second incident involves my sister. One of Pummy's classmates is supposedly a B-grade Oriya actress (I never knew there was a category like that). According to Pummy the girl is unadulterated weirdness on legs. She once asked another girl, "Do you do business? I can get you some clients." Needless to say, the other girl didn't dare to ask what business and clients she was talking abt. Yanyway, this actress came up to Pummy recently and said, "Do you realize that I don't talk to you anymore?" A heart broken Pummy, who had apparently not realized this welcome development, couldn't help but ask her the reasons behind this harsh treatment. "Because you and your friends are very bitchy. You make fun of me." Now my sister can be many things, but one thing she is not, is mean. So she instantly apologized. "I'm sorry," she said. "I had no idea you were smart enough to get the jokes. I wouldn't have cracked them if I knew that you understood them. I'm sorry." Yikes!

Ouch......Lindsay Lohan step away we have new just found a new lead for Mean Girls II
Bottoms Up to our dishy bong heart throb in love with bottom heavy bong lass!!! By the way what univ is this????
@rohan - no! lindsay lohan will stay where she is. she's not going anywhere :)

@anyesha - cheers to that that thought :) Oh sis is doing her MA in good old CU now.
That is really 'Bum'bastic!! Hope to hear more of Pummy's college adventures.
like brother like sister...
I think Pummy should start her own blog - "Those '90s Kids" or some such sitcomish title :)
@manchus - thanks from the bro - shall post more sis stuff soon :)

@lynniebabi - not too many people say that though :(

@kumari - now that our restaurant plans have fizzled out - what say we start a tv production house ???
Hey Sagnik,

Is it in the genes?:-) But I loved her answer and waiting to hear "more such" incidents.

Smart, witty sarcasm rules any day;-)
Pummy's classmates sound like some of my collegues -only difference being that they dun even have the excuse of being in college!
@minal - nope not in the denim coz i really suck at cnfronting ppl on their face :((

@swathi - aaaah! i'm doing a PhD. so can i still use the college excuse ?? :)
hmm...but why? esp now that i am improving in the kitchen i think we should go ahead with the plan...or how about a sitcom where the protaganist is a TV chef? :-D
why pummi not blogging?
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