Friday, July 29, 2005

A dash of confusion :) 

Ok! After yesterday's controversial post, it's time for something lighter! Something to confuse you or at least something that'll help you confuse others :) I've recently tried these two "what I call effective" techniques to put an element of confusion in the minds of people and the results have been quite funny. So I thought of sharing them here:

* Using meaningless examples: *This one was tried and tested on Subs the whole of last evening and is quite effective* All you do, in this technique, is to talk seriously on an issue and then insert an illustration that doesn't mean anything. Trust me, if you are serious enuff, the listener won't stop you for an explanation, while continuously wondering what it was that you actually meant. Take the following two examples that I tried:

- It is no use talking to you on this issue. You and I both have strong opinions. It's like a bag of jelly beans :)) See that didn't make any sense BUT say it seriously and I can assure you that the listener will assume that it was he who dint get the analogy.

- The Indian cricket team needs some serious reprimanding. Watching them play Australia is like watching a bear eat radish.

* The other technique is a lil more complicated to pull off. I've tried it twice and got the desired effect just once. So here it goes. You need a group of three and one of the guys should be returning from somewhere (the loo/ after parking his car/ phone call etc.) So imagine X is away and you and Y are talking. Now just before X joins you, quickly whisper to Y that "Don't tell X abt that. He might get upset!" That's it. For the remaining conversation, Y will keep thinking what it is that you were referring to and think twice before saying anything to X :))

Try it! Fry it! Rinse twice and then dry it!

Jelly beans? :-D You do have an imagination that goes as fast as a F1 car :)
i am def. gonna use Tech# 1 soon :)
^:D^ =))
Thou shall rot in hell for this man :) absolutely brilliant
@kumari - lemme know how it worked - that should be fun

@indra - thanks :)

@rohan - eeesh! this is what you tell a fellow blogger - cheeh :)
Controversial :
I never thought you, YOU on the whole wide world would come up with a controversial post like that, but in the end,its FUN !!

Confusion :
I have tried the second one so many times and results were just amazing !
1stly, being a girl, people expect you to gossip and now on that when you are chatting with Y and you see that X is coming back and smiling at you, right at that moment, whisper Y not to discuss any one of this with X,so Y is bold out ! Now next thing you need to do is to suddenly change the way you were sitting and stop talking to Y,just stare at X and Y, both of them will look at you with Confusion and its fun !!!

Today I shall try the meaningless examples thing ( Sagnik Jr. tried it so many times on me now one hardly can confuse me with that !)

Waise Dada, have you ever thought of making a comedy movie ?
You might win an award,you know !
never tried any of these techniques but they r gud tips for the weekend :))
The first method seems to have been already perfected by our very own Mr. Navjoth Sing Sidhu (of the great Indian 'laughter' challenge fame)...the only difference being he confuses himself more then he confuses others...

there's another....just tell a girl that you heard 'something' about her which you didnt expect outta her...she will chase you for the rest of her (or ours) life till you tell her the truth or cook up something which she beleives is the truth!
Good ones. They are like spoon to a plate ;)
U Devil!!!
@deblina - chah! :(( so i can't try it oon you :((

@swathi - lemme know how it goes *please please*

@vin - nice and wicked :)

@ratna - you are just like a jumping giraffe :)

@tipsy - :)
Ha ha Sagnik - very funny .......
does subs know the truth or not?
very true. I have my versions and they too get spetacular responses. Like if there are of us, I'll accuse X of saying things about Y and suddenly yelp at X saying, "Don't kick/pinch me". Watching Y is ultimate, and X can never convince Y of his innocene!! :-)
amazing post. deliciously devious minded. i didnt mind this treat at all. congrats!
talking about meaningless examples- Navjyot Sidhu made a career out of it...and his favorite Siddhuism is - If my aunt was a man, she would have been my uncle.....
"bear eating radish"...that can actually make sense if the indian team plays badly! hee hee. I think you have way too much time! but see I must have more coz I read your stuff:-)
@divya - thanks :) yup! told subs :(

@jinguchakka - aha! the whole new angle to sound convincing - shall try that too :)

@sayantanti - thanks :)

@ari - only thing is that he made money and a career out of it :(

@sn - i guess we are both jobless in our own lil ways :)
My exact thoughts at every meeting with my prof. He is this very affable old man and he talks about this and that. He knows his stuff in computer vision and now and then he throws a beamer at me. During these conversations I indulge in a lot of nodding. I fear it has become a reflex. Yesterday while we were discussing the brain n everything I suddenly realized he could slip in something irrelevant just to test me. Boy! was I attentive after that. :)

Something tells me profs do this all the time. Screw around with us Grads and then laugh at it at their IEEE secret society meetings.

lol, nicely done. will definitely try them out.

i don't know if this is a confusion technique, but this definitely disses the other person no end. all you have to do is laugh horribly loudly, suddenly, in the middle of a conversation, and say "oh i just remembered a funny incident" and leave it at that. and then watch those side long glances throughout the remainder of the conversation.;)
Lol you funny man....so that's what all that gibberish you spout means!
This comment is unrelated, but I am trying to set up a bangalore bloggers' forum. We've already created a google group, and the link is on my page, as well as mrmdesai.blogspot.com. So, if you could just plug it in some post, it'd be good. We've also had a couple of meets so far, and are planning a big i-day bash, so, pleej to adbhataij
2 more ways to confuse others..

1. tell X sudd one day "i m sorry tat u hv such bad taste ..i thought 4 ur class n elegance(with the most surprised look tat u can EVER give over ur face) u wud hv never looked at tat dumbo leave alone roam/hang out with such a creepp.sheeshhh!!" n then sud close ur mouth n add with a spasm of guilt in ur face"sorry to hv been soo blunt in my words...cudnt help but saying it when esp everyone feels so...was just trying to help" n quickly get outta tat place b4 he can even respond...he/she will spend the rest of the day thinking abt whom u talked abt..lol

2. go to X one fine day n tell him/her "i never thought in my wildest dreams tat U wud do it to me"..give them ur strongest look of disappointment n leave the place...this sure shud shake tat person up n leave him confused totally...
P.S.tested, tried n veryy effective...turn to XYZ for gaurentee!!:)
@sanketh - i have seen students do this to their profs in Bits when some of these maths profs would give CS based projects and not have much of an idea on what programming can do :)

@ashanka - aha! one more nice technique to add to the list. have to try al of them. now i just need to find more people :)

@ideasmith - thank you, thank you madam :)

@arka da - will do it promptly this week

@XYZ - technique 2 is brilliant. sh!t i can already see it working :)
When people two years older than me start calling me da, there's something wrong indeed. Now where are those matrimonial columns :((
"Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald"
Navjyot Singh Sidhu
now tell me shd i follow the match or Sidhu's commentary? :(
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