Monday, July 18, 2005

Dude, what's your reason? 

A friend of mine and her boy friend were both reading the latest installment of Potter Tales. The boy friend finished the book a lil earlier than expected and threatened to tell moi friend the big mystery of the book. "Do that and we are over," is what my friend had to say in return. What? Have we finally reached the point where we are breaking up with partners for revealing the suspense of story books?? Whatever happened to good old days of treachery, deceit, "I need more space", gold digging, sexual dissatisfaction and the occasional confusion abt sexual orientation? Indeed they were right when they said that variety was spice and spicy is what we want our love dishes to be these days. It's no longer cool to say "we have a very sweet relationship". People have started to use words like "zesty" and "tangy" to describe their love. No wonder love is giving so many people the heartburns.

Seriously! More and more people are ending ties for what I consider are novel and previously unheard of reasons. It's just a matter of time before people start breaking up just to try out new techniques for breaking up. Gone are the days when you could just call your boy friend and scare him with the "We need to talk" line. Try that with a guy these days and he'll be so appalled my your lack of creativity that he himself will break up with you! My personal favorite was when a friend of mine had his girl friend tell him, "I don't know! Something seems to be missing. I don't know what but something is missing!" Now that is brilliance. No reason given but every reason given. Not only did the poor boy have his little heart broken into tiny little pieces with sharp edges, he also spent the next two weeks guessing what was missing. He would call her up in the middle of the night and enquire, "Was it the passion? Was the passion missing? Coz we can work on that?" ... "Did you think I was un-macho when I didn't pull the seat for you in the restaurant? Was chivalry missing ..." Soon the guy was left without a girl friend and an iota of self respect till now he secretly wonders what actually went wrong. Now that's an original break up line. What's the best you've heard, eh?

"Its been good fun all this while, but I think the whole 'use you to make my boyfriend jealous' thing has worked like a charm. So I dont need you any more."

This.. umm.. happened to a friend of mine. A long time...
hmm. cant comment on the post....dunno y..but read the new potter installment yet? thats the best i cud do,lol.
A: I am admitting quite forthcomingly that this was a love-incident, but would prefer to put it in these terms - "a quickie in the alley".
B: huh... "A quickie in the alley"...Actually it was quite far from a quickie anywhere but why would you care.
"I have cancer and I may die any minute" I swear one of my girlfriends found herself hearing this at a breakup with a guy, who by the way is still alive after 6 years and hale & hearty by the look of it!
Sagnik - we need more posts on "Westernization of Desis"!
"most people are breaking ties over what I consider (novel)" - now was the pun intended? hariputter broke my heart, did not like this latest novel
@vignesh - wow! speechless!

@sayntani - gone through 1/6th of it (yes, I count pages and the total number of pages for mental satisfaction). i should be done by tomorrow!

@me - see any break up that involves a quickie at least wouldn't lead th line "the pleasure was completely yours" what say :))

@ideasmithy - that is sad

@vrmpalaboy - coming soon to an inox theatre far from your mansion :)

@lubu - now the pun wasn't intended but boy do i feel bad for that now :((
Am I wrong to think that it wasn't very wrong for the girl to make the threat? If the guy knows his girlfriend well, he knows how important it is for her to not have the ending revealed before she finishes the book. There are some things you don't joke about.

Just my 86 paise [loooooooved that one btw :) ]
such marginal consolation may not always be very redemptive for the self...matters of the heart you know...what can I say...
lol. funny post. i laughed even louder cause i said 'something is missing' to a girl once. i think she got it though!
@rajesh - its become 87 paise now :) and yes food, ex relationhips and Harry Potter - no jokes on any of these topics :)

@me - :)

@kafka - you creepy you - have to contact my friend and see if you were the source of this line ;)
"I'm incapable of letting you go, so walk away whenever you want to, and dont have any regrets. Because there is no way we are going to work out."
~this classic was pulled off by an ex on me. it later transpired that she'd made back-up plans.
there was this guy who told my friend
"i'm off to the US and wouldnt be back for some years"
and the next week i see him walking down the same street with another girl!
@finggeek- did you "ex"pect that :)

@swathi - that was the evil twin maybeeee :)
another break-up original!

Friend to me: If my girl is intelligent she will break up with me..and if she does not break up with me she is not intelligent enough..then I will break up with her...

Did that make sense??

anyways...he broke up with her!

@vin - nothing like a paradoxical break up :))
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