Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Excuse me! I'm talking to you ... 

Once upon a time, in a college in India, a boy sat outside a big gate, waiting for a beautiful girl to come out. An hour and a siesta later the girl came out. The guy shouted out playfully, "Hey there, beautiful!" and all the fifteen odd women walking in and out of that gate at that time, turned around thinking it was them that he had called. Fourteen of those fifteen soon figured out that the Oscar had gone to someone else. Ten of them even felt embarrassed to have been assumptive. Five of these ten quickly ran into the open arms of the big gate while the other five tried a variety of gestures to ease out the of the situation. Two of them started looking all over the place, pretending it was something else that had caught their attention. Girl with pink top and matching biycle looked at her watch, itched her lips with her finger, blinked aimlessly and feigned a thoughtful thought. One girl even went to the extent of turning her head back an forth repeatedly. After all she had just realized that she had not completed her daily neck exercise and got down to doing so promptly.

This afternoon, a not so young boy was sitting on a university bench, trying to solve a job scheduling problem. A girl "who was so hot that she was actually cool" was sitting next to him. "How long have you been waiting for me?" the girl asked. And suddenly the guy forgot that there was no way that this girl, whom he had never met, could be talking to him. He looked at her pronto, only to realize that he was in the line of sight between Ms. Hottie and her skateboard riding friend on the other side. That reminded him that he too had forgotten his neck exercise and quickly got down to doing them. After all the situation was quite the pain in the neck.

So what is it abt us that makes us assume that we are a part of every conversation around us? A dog trainer might be walking his dogs on a desolate road and shout out, "Don't sh!t here" and we'll still turn around with the faint suspicion that he might be talking to us. A girl we've never seen would wave her hand and we would invariably look around to ensure that she's not waving at us. Super sexy girl sitting next to us in the bus will say, "He is kinda cute!" and we'll instantly revel in the possibility that "maybe she's talking abt me" only to hear her add, "too bad he is forty". And in all these situations we follow up our revelation with cover up acts that are far worse than the faux pas. Random head nods, quick cell phone calls to people we've not called in eons or a sudden plunge into the nearest reading material. Yup! That's us!

never experienced this...
but the most common thing i've experienced(atleast in the recent past) is that some group of ppl laughing n u r left wondering if they r laughing at us??(me n my friend)
I assume the first gate outside which you sat young and anxious is Meera Bhawan gate :) and I hate to admit but I will that I have exercised my neck quite often outside that very gate!
ok, once more sagnik addressing some rampant social problems..lol... amazing post. totally understand what ur sayin man. how manytimes has a hot guy been jharing someone around me and me thinkin....ah, well. needless to say, these days if i suspect someone jharing, i look around to make sure if amu hot babes are around. and this is a common phenomenon. one pal of mine, went to a radio programme recording and thought that Rupam (Fossils) was singin a song for her. needless to say, her misconception was correctd shortly. lol. great post.
Lol, clap clap clap:) You should really take up a late night show dada and give Jay Leno and Letterman a run for their money:)
Nice post :) (Was talking about the next post)
@swathi - oh how could i not know that. that specially takes place when a group of young women giggle and you always assume it's u they are laughing at :)

@ramya - Meera Bhavan?? Me?? All this is fiction :)) jokes apart - yes it is the coveted gates of MB that i'm talking abt - what was even more fun was if you called out for some girl with a commonname - like Kavitha or maybe ... Ramya :))

@sayantani - thanks :) never had anyone even remotely write a song for me :(( you can know that is true coz i have never even been fooled to think that it was me :(

@biplabda - thanks :) as of now i will be happy earing some money doing even peep shows leave alone talk shows :)

@ratna - :)) nice!
Maybe it's a sign that every has a self-centered side. No matter how small it might be. :)
@rajesh - not just centered - its left right and all over :)
yea...done some neck exersises quite a lot..(even recently):):)..but know wat...neck exercises r good 4 health...arent they?:P:P
also hv tried being the other party....shud say looking at ppl doing neck exercises is tooo good a sight to miss!!:):)
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