Thursday, July 07, 2005

Faking It! 

Nope! Sorry to disappoint you. This is not the fake stuff that Sally popularized after her restaurant encounter with Harry. I'm talking (or will be talking) abt faking nonchalance.

Have you ever given your number to someone from the opposite sex and the other person said that they'll call you up and confirm something (let's say a movie plan). Say at around 7.30 pm.

So it's 7.15 and you are talking to your friend on the phone and it strikes you that you might be getting a call at "around 7:30". Now we all know that rarely does a call "at around 7.30" mean anything "before 7:30" BUT we still don't wanna take a chance. So you hang up on a perfectly fine piece of conversation and sit next to the phone. You switch on the TV and glance at the watch. 7.20. You switch off the TV and glance at the watch. 7:22. You feel like peeing. But what if she calls then???? So you hold back. 7:27. You switch on the TV again. The next time you glance at the watch it reads 7:32. What??? She said she'll call at 7:30. Why hasn't she called yet? It's then that all the strange thoughts play knock knock jokes in your mind.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Girl who?
Girl who gave you a royal ditch by not calling you.

"Shut up," you silently scream at your mind. 7:41. Now you are sure she has forgotten you. So you come up with a list of faults in her personality to salvage your battered ego. "She seemed a lil too bitchy. Especially the way she spoke abt her ..."

Trrrrring! The phone rings. You jump to pick it up. "What are you doing?" your mind stops you. "Wait for at least three rings. You don't want her to think you were desperately waiting for her call. Do you?" So you wait for the first ring. Then the second. "What if she thinks I'm not at home?" the question enters your mind. So you reach out for the phone. The mind tries to nudge you and make you wait for one more ring but you don't wanna risk it.

"Hello," you almost shout into the phone. Then you slowly force your heart-rate to return to normalcy.

"Hey," she says. "What were you up to?"

And suddenly you remember how desperate you've been. You can't just tell her "Oh! I was madly waiting for your call. Madly. Em-A-Dee-Ell-Why" Society has taught us to "be cool". So you think for a second and say, "Oh! I was watching TV."

The two of you have an interesting talk for ten minutes and you hear a faint ring from the other end. It's another darn call. "Hey, can I call you back in some time?" she says. You graciously say, "Oh! sure." She hangs up.

You look at the watch. 8:02. The ordeal of wait begins all over again.

*sigh* know what u mean.
have u ever thought that the same thing might be happening to her? i mean, faking "it"? =P

mayb she's very anxiously waiting for 730 to come, but her inner voice tell her "wait a while longer", "wait a while more"....

wahahaha....... *fall off chair"
@tipsy-topsy - welcome partner :)

@lynniebabi - you won't believe it but the original idea of the post was to give both sides of it and this is exactly what i had thought. but then the post was already long and so i just gave one side of the story :)
aaaaargggh! its one of those posts!!!!lol. well, this sounds like the extention of ur voice mail/ hanging up canversations posts. but amazing all the same. cheers!
hey! (my first time here)

rest assured that it happens at the other end too...though not that often, I might add! :)
ke go mey ta?
@sayantani - thanks :)

@gratisgrab - aah! nice to know it is a mutual thing - even it is almost mutual :)

@chitra - no one go. it's all in the mind :(
Man am I only one thinking that the poor guy waited for over 45 mins to pee b4 he has to go thru the same thing again :), Gosh the things that girls make us do
hehe smiles...

@ Rohan and Sagnik...life's like that!
S'nik: Next time how about answering with "Just waiting for your call"? Chuckle a bit, make it sound like a joke, and keep her wondering about whether you meant it. :)
@rohan - ha ha :) no wonder men get pissed off :))

@me - :(( sad but true, right?

@advaniji - brilliant idea. trust da man to solve the crisis :)
u boys dont know how easy u have it! if a girl tells u she'll call she will call, and even if u have to a wait a bit...u'll still recieve the phone call...

but, most girls will agree to this...if ur a girl waiting for a guy to call, the waiting never stops. the calls sometimes comes but always late and ALWAYS ALWAYS with excuses too. crappy excuses!
@sara - ahaa! the woman thinks that men have it easy. sorry to disappoint you madam but only a man knows the longing of waitig for the trrring of the phone - that too from your kind aka WooMan :)
whatever son!

anyways wuts with all this waiting crap...games are for children...if u really wanna talk to the girl/guy...just call them!
@sara - son??? ok momma! next time such a situation arises - its gonna be direct calling - sure :)
"tell me 'bout it" and i agree with Sara ,in the case of guys the calls never come.....

but most often in these cases Murphy's law of comes true which is "the minute u enter the loo, the phone rings" irrespective of watever the waiting time might be.
@swathi - no wonder they say that a crush can be a "shitty" affair :)
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