Friday, July 01, 2005

Family Ties 

It seems people, who should supposedly be my friends, are hitting on my sister. I'm cool with that (or so I shall say). To make matters worse some of them even use me as part of their sorry pick up line. "Aren't you Sagnik's sister?" "Haven't I seen you with Sagnik in blah blah?" they say and avoid the initial creepiness of the first conversation. I've even had friends who confided their deepest secrets in Pummy, only to have me traumatize them abt it later :) The best part of a friend falling for your sister is that they break the Golden Rule of friendship that states "Ye shall not eye a friend's sister, ex or mistress" and as a result they become extra nice to you to atone for their misdeeds. For example, a friend of mine who harbored "feelings" for Pummy treated me in a much talked abt restaurant to redeem his guilt. So the bottomline is that - it's all good when it came to my friends and my sister. Sadly, the reverse situation is a terrible tragedy and that's what this post is about.

Pummy is a good four years younger than me. So there was a phase in our lives when I knew abt the chirp but Pummy and her friends were ignorant abt birds, bees and the buzz. Ironically for me, this was the phase when most of Pummy's friends were introduced to me and all of them made me their "elder brother" by association. "Hi, this is my brother Sagnik" followed by "Hello Sagnik da" was the standard nightmarish greeting in those days. As a result, I now have a bevy of twenty two year olds who have brotherly feelings for me - much to my discontent and displeasure. The matter worsens because even when the occasional friend broke norms and enquired abt my relationship status, Pummy and the other friends would jump in with "Eeeeew! That's gross. Sagnik da is like your brother" and that would be the tragic end of a could-be-romantic-classic.

I've discussed this with other "friends with sisters" and all of them have their own stories. A friend of mine had the most amazing experience when his overprotected sister's friends from an all girls school experienced their first desires to meet the opposite sex. It seems their only choice was between him and the guy who sold Rambo Posters outside the school and between the two, my friend was the better man. So for a two year period he was the most sought after hero-figure in a certain Kolkata school. Not all friends were this fortunate though. One of my close friends almost had a mental break down when all the girls without brothers in his sister's class mentioned him in their essay on "My Brother". At least I dint face that :)

The last one sent shudders down my spine.

Forget the birds and the bees, though. Recently, for around six months in my life, all my male friends had left for a different city, and so the only option left for me was to have friends with my female friends. The rumours about my "kishin-kanhaiya" status not withstanding, since one of these women was my "munh-boli-behen" all of them threatened to call me "bhaiyya". All I could do was make empty threats.

They're all married now.


My cousin is four years younger than me too, but the four years of engineering I spent living with her, I made sure I wasn't in the same room when her friends came over. :)

But seriously, don't you think with the ever-increasing generation gap today, four years is a bit too much of an age gap for a couple?
Now i know why you jump when we call you 'Sagnik Da' :)))

Just can't help laughing.....:)))))

Thank God! I have younger brothers...I guess they never faced this problem.
@rajesh - oh! absolutely - i keep telling my sis that she belongs to a diff generation and my only role amidst her friends is to tell them "how different it was in our times" :)) i think anything more than or close to three years these days invites trouble - but i have always hung out with people my age - so i'm no expert :(

@manchus - stop laughing *angry face* - this is not funny !!!! :)
@S'nik - Ah. Always hung around with people of your age, have you? Me was always the youngest in the class. So I kinda got used to "older women" :D
Sagnik da, liked your post :)

I have a younger bro and I do not fancy younger men, so, my bro was not much of a help :))
@+vani - yeah yeah - child prodigy and all that ;) you bloody show off :))

@ramya - ya i dont think i would have made this post either :)
Neat post u almost had my sympathy vote till that incident with that close friend made my heart bleed :)
Wudnt wish nythin like that for nyone (mebbe i might save it for ppl posing as my friends and doubling up as my 2 b girlfriend's bf's)
I remeber calling my friend' brothers Bhaiya. Pity them now ;)
You write wonderfully and are successful every single time in making us laugh. Reading your blog is a treat.

For these daily laughs, God Bless You Sagnik.
@rohan - yup! anthing works for bfs of an ex :))

@tipsy- thank GOD you dint know my sis - else i would have one more to the list of people calling me "da"

@anon - truly flattered :) thank you
Lol lol lol LOLLL! You really have a gift for making everyday situations sound funny.

I thought 'da' was a form of respect for any male...good thing u warned me..;)
@idea - thanks a lot :) and so now you know never to call me "da" :)
yeah...it was too late by the time i realised i wanted an elder brother ;)
whoa - witnessed history in the making - left the previous comment and suddenly saw a change in the template!
@stiletto - :)) yes, that is something you can't do much abt I guess :)) and yes, I was trying things with the blog before finally giving up :((
though i was from a girl's school,i never met my friend's bros ***sigh** and miself not having a brother ,no frends of brothers ever visited my house.
wondering 'bout the misfortunes of only boys/only girls households!!
@swathi - i feel your plight - but imagine having a siter and she being of no use :((
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