Friday, July 08, 2005

For the want of brevity 

I realized that many of my posts tend to be quite long. This is strange given my huge love for brevity :) So here's a crappy 5 line play that I wrote (?) and bugged my apartment mate by repeatedly enacting it out with varying emotions.

Chilly mountain peaks of Nepal. Sherpa One is sitting and eating frozen meat. There's snow all over the place. Sherpa Two walks in.

Sherpa 2: What are you eating?
Sherpa 1: Yak.
Sherpa 2: Yuk!
Sherpa 1: No Yak!
Sherpa 2: I know. Yuk!

Hyuk hyuk hyuk...:D. This one was almost good enough to be a stick-figures toonstrip.
aaahh....This is the Sagnik, I am used to.
ei post ta bhalo laaglo na...beshi brevity dekhanor proyojon nei...onek onek boro post likhbe...aar amar rain songs gulo kothai geylo...no fair...no fair:((
@ideasmith - i shall take that as a compliment and not something that you wanna stick in :))

@gvenum - thi is the Sagni I am used to too :)

@me(!) - :(( naaaaaaaa! after criticism of my post I shriek and then run out and cry in the rain in total Hindi film ishtyle - what say ?
tai Sagnik...kudos to me...for inducing such theatrical effects...should do it more often...
i dont get it
hey nice yucky post, full of inexplicable puns, and incomprehendible humor. very funny, all starrer, featuring the famous (y)academy (y)award winner, the Yak. ITs a blockbuster potboiler!!!!!
@me - sure sure - the more drama the better :) what say

@sara - you don't get the joke (which is ok coz it's a terrible pj) or you don't gt me's comment (which is ok coz it's in bengali - but don't you understand Bengali)

@sayantani - and the girl completely outdid all my puns with her ones :((
no no! i grace hand down my crown as the master of PJ's to u. treat it well, my son.*nodding wisely*
A "non-veg" joke, as They say
Insanely inane!
Sherpa 1: Belch
Curtains come down. The end.
what all emotions did you enact these lines with??

errr, actually...don't answer that. :|

@sayantani - sure mamma :)

@bridal - awesome! that should be the name of the sequel now :))

@vulturo - how dare you use such adjectives for one of the greatest short films of all time ?????? ;)

@lubu - thanks a lot for revealing the ending. now nobody will come to watch the play and i have no one but you to blame :))

@angel - lesse - there was (i) a very intense version where the sherp appeared to be starving (ii) there was one where it sounded like the sherpas also were Bahadurs who cleaned cars and guarded them and there was ... do you really wanna know more :)
What kind of molars do you think Nepalese Sherpas have to be able to bite into frozen yak???
@anyesha - cool then, i will make the movie in Hindi - so no one searches for logic :)

@kumari - thanks :)
i dont get the joke and its killing me! whats a sherpa!

please dont hurt me i know im slow :(
@sara - my bad :( it is a lame joke - ot ur fault. the sherpa ha nothing to do with the joke - sherpas are like mountain guides. the joke is abt the pun on yak (a kind of animal found in the mountains) and yuk (as in yukky). as it turns out the joke can be summed up by the latter :)
@swathi - thanks :)
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