Monday, July 25, 2005

The Greatest Form of Flattery 

Some kind commenter just pointed out to me that someone has been copying and pasting some of my works as his own. What was even more hilarious was that the guy/girl who was copying, made the statement "No, not yet. However, I like to think of them as just me typing what I think at any one moment" when someone enquired if the articles had a name :)

If the person concerned is reading this blog then "Thanks" and I'm truly flattered. Also, you can always fight back on your forum saying, "The other guy is the one who copies and thereby put at least an element of doubt in their minds that I might be the actual culprit" :) There is a third possibility though - that neither of us copied from each other - in which case I'm surprised that even your apartment mate is called Subs. Talk abt similarities!

Lol, I respect your temper!
But, can you just do something about it? Beats me actually, why would anyone plagiarise weblogs anyways.
I meant 'can't' you.
Ah...see, you are not genuine! I always knew it :)

Jokes apart, Maybe you should put this copyright thingy on your blog...they are your hard effort after all :)
@RS - Putting a Creative Commons notice on your blog isn't a way of retaining your rights on your work. It's a way of giving your rights away.

@Sagnik - Though this is no longer required, it does prevent the plagiarist from claiming that they didn't know the work was protected by copyright:

Put the following at some place in your blog template -

© 2004-2005 Sagnik Nandy. All Rights Reserved.

(HTML code for the copyright symbol is "& copy ;" - without the spaces and without the quotes)
This means that any reproduction of your writings, or derivative works of your writings, may not be done without your express permission. By putting that notice out there, you are advertising the fact that you are the owner of the content.

I repeat, using the Creative Commons license is a way of giving some of your rights away.
Hey Sagnik,

This is not good news, but I must admit I like the way you handled it, still so humourous and yes the sarcasm is right in place;-)

What is with people passing someone else's thoughts as their own?

I would like to know if there is a way to stop this plagiarism
:) Funny thing is, the third party really gets offended and starts discussions as comments- it beats me. Anyway congrats Sagnik - your material has reached a stage that it is worth to be copied. I like the way you reacted too :))
Plagiarism sux...just as much as racism...

Copyright ur work.
tatz bad! i mean wat thrills do ppl get out of plaigarizing blogs? i wonder.
wish u cud sue him !
Actually... why dont you look at it as your mirror site... :)

Quite surprisingly... the comment section hasnt been plagia...(damn my spellings!)...

And you better come out with a fitting retort in your next Headlines mistah!
(Psst... hint! hint!)
Are you kidding me? You mean people can't even think of something original to say on their blog anymore? This is so damn ridiculous that it verges on the point of being amusing.
Well like they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. You should feel good about urself Sagnik.
To Rajesh, Yes, I understand it is to allow people to copy what you write but atleast the person will be forced to attribute the work to the original author, correct? Isn't that good enough for most of us?
See ! Ive been telling you about that for like ages now !!!! And the next thing you know, some bloke would be making millions printing tee shirts with Headliners.

Please to put a CC license on blog. Or And a Copyright on Headliners.
Wat the hell man he thought ur work was worthy enuff for plagiarising and he didnt bother putting our comments down with the same as if they werent worthy of the same attention :-) I am gonna hunt that guy down and kick his ass to hell.
On a serious note I wouldnt bother too much about the whole deal as all i feel is pity for someone who cant come up with an original piece of work on his/her blog.
hmm, made a hatchet job of ur efforts hasn't he? go shit on him man... wheres ur sense of agression? hes a bad bad guy! go sagnik go!
hey kewl! you're being plagiarized ..
keep up the good work :D
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Plagiarism is the same as racism!!! News to me!

Anyway, like Cherry says. Congrats dude. You've "arrived". :)

If I were an evil genius I'd do the plagiarizing myself and cry foul later! :) And Shaggy is known to be the "evil" types ... hmm .. I wonder.
I knew you had a LARGE Fan base but such 'love-sick' ones who wanna think your thoughts too....Hmmm, Way to Go!!! :)
There should be severe punishment for such thieves!!! Seriously!

Sagnik don't somebody steal your thunder.
Copyright your work.

P.S : God you are so calm.
As a great man once said on my blog - imitation is the sincerest form of battery.

You, my boy, have arrived in style! :)
i adore sarcasm, and just loved this post! came here through m's blog, anf glad i did. oh, and it's nice to see someone else who spells their last name the way i do. the 'nandies' were getting me down...
Hey, U can just check the time at which the post is made.. that will tell u who is original and who is the culprit..but I agree with Ratna..u have reached a stage where someone is imitating u..like guys who imitate Amitabh..Shah Rukh..oh..no..c..the other guy has forced me to compare with AB.. thatz great man...
@biplabda - there are things I can do I guess - but then a pending thesis screams out to me - and I better answer its call :)

@ramya - thanks for the info lady, shall definitely look into the copyright thingy

@rajesh - what would i do without your love, help, support, comments and now HTML code :)

@minal - thanks :) but the way i look at it - blogging is light fun for me - so if someone wants to copy my work - i'm ok with it :)

@ratna - yes that was funny. what was even more funny was that in one place he remembered to change Subs's name but then for the remaining part of the post he forgot :)

@keshi - i agree. btw, doesn't the term copyright sound like it's right to copy???

@swathi - oh feel free to sue him. how sue-it :)

@aj - chah, i had actually created the new headlines before reading this - otherwise i would have know what to put on it :((

@m - well, i have seen some copies that are actually more intelligent than the original - just based on the humour factor they bring to table :)

@vignesh - seriously, sir. a little more work with my thesis and i will get down to all the copy-right-left and center stuff

@rohan - seriously. sometimes i feel that the comments are the best part of the blog. ot's like somebody stole my trailer but dint care to show the whole movie :)

@sayantani - you have scarred my imagination now by the whole "sh!t on him" idea - i cant help but think abt it :(( :))

@sridhar - yeaaaaah! i have arrived! yeaaaaah! now let's party!

@sanketh - chah! i was just thinking of the exact same thing when i saw the number of epople who commented back - sadly, this bright idea dint strike me first and doing it would mean copying it from you :)

@kumari - thank you :)

@manchus - what kind of punishment would you suggest - let's put up random pop ups on their blog :)

@megha - aaaaah! that is irony in a copious form :)

@rimi - hey!!!! another NandY - wow! So how many people have asked you "are you related to pritish nandy" ??

@prabha - i thought of that too but what if both of us are copying from some third part source where we are both subscribed - only thing that poor other person is not a premium member - so gets the subscription a little after I do.
Hmmm...the best punishment would be what @sayantani suggested. But then..it is too wild to imagine :))))

I burst out into laughter reading her suggestion. My collegue was wondering if I have gone crazy.
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