Sunday, July 03, 2005


Ok. All you people who think that I blog to portray a goody good boy image of myself - correct yourselves. Given below are ten not so flattering things that people have said abt me in the past (in no particular order). I've also given my modest opinions abt the opinions themselves. Interestingly seven of the ten things listed below were pointed out by one single person :)

10. I can be very sarcastic.

9. I don't forget past incidents and keep bringing them up.
*not completely true. the lingering effect of shit depends on how messy it was*

8. I have an ego.

7. I talk a looooot.

6. I'm very immature.
*people think i'm more immature than i think i am - but maybe i feel that way coz i'm immature*

5. I don't take things very seriously.

4. I'm a superiorist i.e. I like to associate with successful people.
*untrue - it's just that i'm lucky to have some very talented friends*

3. I'm terrible when it comes to keeping in touch with people.
*i don't snail mail, i'm a bad emailer BUT very prolific IM chatter*

2. I'm a bad loser.
*depends a lot on what i'm trying to win. i think i've really improved on this front (especially after i realized i suck at video games)*

1. I'm way too factual. OK, I have to explain this one. people have said that they are very careful of talking factually incorrect stuff in front of me since I tend to correct them.

Add to that "I portray what I am not". I'm still thinking of that amazing avatar...and reality!
@ideasmith - :)) now most people don't even know what we are talking abt here - so let me educate them - well my yahoo avatar is a fat grumpy beer guzzling bearded sloth who miss smith(y) ha s aspecial liking for - sadly. as she said it herself - i am nothing like that :((
Whoever reads your blog, should have gotten these point by now :)
@ratna - chah! no mystery factor :((
Duuuuuuuuude! Do you have a birthmark on your left shoulder?
@+vai - bhaiyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa!
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