Thursday, July 07, 2005

headLINES #23 

I gotta accept that many of the ideas I had for my follow up post have already been posted as comments on the previous post (darn, you creative minds). So I'm left with no option but to churn out yet another episode of headLINES. This time we have something for the children too.

"Oh no," the lil kid in the Internet Cafe screamed. "I only read this blog coz it had adult stuff."



Dude, watch out. Some Moms are gonna find out their kids are reading your blog. Beware of the (IPMC) Internet Police Mom Club.
:)) Your toons always bring a smile or two.
@anwin - what is worse is that some kids will find out that their moms are reading the cartoon :))

@ratna - thanks a lot :)
lol @toon 56...

another one of those funny pick-up lines??
@swathi - a pick up line is one by definiton if only i've ever managed to pick anyone up using one - so to anwer your question - NO :((
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