Monday, July 11, 2005

headLINES #24 

headLINES touches two related issues - work and the working girl. enjoy it or hate it ... well, you can also be indifferent towards it :)



Lol...good ones.
Aacha, I was wondering, especially after the much debated G on G stuff, et al...tomar barir lokjonera porey na?
If they do, must say dada, you're lucky:)
Also, on Almost Famous, beside all the rock'n'roll, Kate Hudson was super-cute too:)
And who did you watch it with at the good ol' New Empire?
(i like to leave pug marks)
@biplab - Kate Hudson - supeeeeeeerr hot but why did she have to shift to only chick flicks. and only my sis reads my blogs and she doesn't mind shit :) i went for AF with Ronny Dam - my resident tech support for all thing rock!

@bridal - thanks :) "pug marks" - thats wild :)
love the toons...sans any implicit implication...perfect for a pea-sized brain as mine...
@me - thanks :)
can absolutely identify with the peanuts toon...

maybe should let me boss see this...

@lynniebabi - lemme know if you get a raise :)
Well, the one about the monkey was cool dude....haha...makes me wish i was one too!!!
@naveen - thanks :)
monkey toon was cuteh ..
cant blame my employers though - i get more than peanuts (make it cashewnuts) n all they get is a typical IT professional - making complete use of the broadband net connectivity at office for things not even remotely related to work (if u discount the fact that it increases ur typing speeds!)
I am in tune with the Nutty toon :)
ok dude... toon57 was good, but 58 was a lot better. it was bibhotsho bhalo. it was bishakto. amaazing. i dont se anyone commenting on that....sagnik ur a bishakta manush..
Both they headlines are head to head !
GR8 !! :)
hey ur headlines r g8...looks like its gonna become the most widespread
'hea(r)dLINES' very soon!!:):) hats off to ya!!
@swathi - luck you - why don't you pass on some of the cashew here too ;)

@kumari - you are nuts :)

@sayantani - "bishakto??" :)) thanks for toon 58 - the toon specially thanks you :)

@debalina - thanks :)

@anon - thanks :) it's all hearsay.
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