Friday, July 15, 2005

headLINES #25 

i have nothing to say now.
but you still said that.
i wish people had a backspace button when they spoke.



Oh God! How many times i have got #60 as the answer ... Hilarious :)
@anwin - :) that's exactly the reaction i had when i read the toons too :)

@kumari - what would i do without your sweet words :)
Well, you would be working on that "Tv show with me as chef and u as the diro" idea :-D
I want the backspace button too!
Ask me no questions and I'll tell u no lies :)
@kumari - aha! that show - can your hubby produce it? i can seriously use some extra cash flow :)

@rajesh - i also want an END button to go to the ed of some really long conversations :)

@rohan - what? *and he asks a question* :))
Yeah Sagnik. That's probably because I feel the same when I write something like that. But what the hell? Its funny, its crappy, and we all like it :)
@anwin - :) and i shall take that as a compliment at some level (one of these days i have to explore what people mean when they say "some level"_ :)
*Bounce Bounce Bounce...*
..Balls !!!!!
@debalina - that sounds like a rap song!
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