Tuesday, July 26, 2005

headLINES #26 

A special thanks to Ratna who reminded me that I hadn't posted toons in a while. And while on the issue - I would also like to thanks my Mom, Dad, sister and the hot girl in the bus who turned out to be just a strangely dressed man!



Those toons were good....especially the second one..
*Whistling loudly* Ek dum masta hai beedu!!
so the toons r back (hip hip hurray!)

kewl ones there.
Whoa! That was awesome! Especially the second one - A clincher :)
woho toons are back :)
lol.. WHERE do you get these ideas from!! i likes:D
@prabha - thank you :)

@manchus - uiiii maaaa - total mumbaiya - kya diyis mamu!

@swathi - thanks :)

@kumari - what is this - you are supporting pondy toons - now you are responsible for all the kids who will read these toons :))

@ratna - just for u :)

@grafxgurl - :) mostly from my conversations with people - now you have an idea of what kind of conversations i have :))
*Chinese gong sounds (the one which resonates for some 3-4 secs. in the Chow-Yun-Fat starrers)*

Location: In one of the chambers of Shaolin.

Shaolin disciple: (running) *pant* *pant* "Mastah! Mastah! Did u know no-url-left has been making news of late! Plagiarism and all..."

Shaolin master: "Stale news u twit! He's been making 'Headlines' for the past few months now! And now this!"
funny comics
@aj - hilarious :)) dude, this deserves a blog :)

@funkysmell - thanks :)
rrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooock on!!!
@anwin - if s says the rock-king i shall follow the orders :)
Toon-62 was good ,good and very good !
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