Saturday, July 16, 2005

He's back! 

Check out the free Harry Potter glasses that we received. Is it just me or does anybody else get reminded of the Father of the Nation??

At 11.45 in the night I suggested to Subs that we go and get his pre-ordered copy of Harry Potter. Subs wanted to go in the morning but I wanted to check out the crowd. I find it fascinating to see the effort fans put in towards such events. Spiderman, LOTR, Star Wars and now Mr. Potter - I have checked out the fan-atics at each of these launches/premieres. As usual, lotsa fans had dressed up as characters from the book. Surprisingly, the boy wizard wasn't the favorite getup - Ms. Granger easily beat Mr.Potter in terms of wannabes. That made me wonder which of the above mentioned fans would be the most dangerous to mess with. I had posted earlier abt our plans to bug the Star Wars geeks, and in retrospect, I feel it's they who can turn out to be the most lethal. Coz true Spiderman fans turn up in body hugging tights that make their crotch area an easy target. All one needs is a kick in order to get a Parker fan parked. The hobbit lovers with their bare feet are easy targets too. All they would need is just one stamp before they get posted off. I was observing the Harry Potter fans tonight and they wouldn't be much of a threat either. For starters, they are the youngest of the lot and even if they turn vicious the worst they could probably do is to poke me with their sticks. But the saber wielding jedis and the occasional armored Darth Vader can prove to be quite the challenge. To sum it all up:

When a Spidey fan calls
Try and target his balls
When the hobbits come near
Just try to pull their ear
If they still stay upbeat
Then target their bare feet
For Pottermaniacs dressed in cloak
The best they can do is poke
But from the jedis do be wary
Coz they can be quite scary

GOsh! Tell me about it! We went last nite to get the 'wristbands' for the pre-ordered book so we can jump the Q today but the line outside B&N was as long as the Basilisk, and The mr refused to stay....so we just waved at a few wizards n made our way home :)
hey man

we dont know each other or anything ... but just wanted to let you know i was having a bad day and ur blog watever thing made me laugh..

Rakhi Sarkar
@kumari - yes even though i am not a pottermaniac (but you can surely cally me a fan) , i still got the poster, specs and wristband :) yahoooo!!

@rakhi - i'm glad that my blog was of some use (that rarely happens). i hope tomorrow is a fresher and better day :) cheers.
I waited 45 minutes outside our local book store and got the book at 12.45 am! Also got a broomstick tattoo to go with it on my right cheek, I was about fifth in line for the tattoo behind the 3-7 year olds :)
@ramya - surprisingly the shop I went to had an excess of middle aged dressed people. was quite diff from what I had expected :)
ah! how i nvy u guys out there who get all this paraphernalia..
@swathi - do you want the gandhi glasses ????
Hey, under estimate those pottermaniacs at your peril! Any one from England may have seen this in the newspapers. Two early teen potter fans mugged someone to steal his copy when the shop ran out of stock. You know the lengths people can go to when they get fanatical. :)

I'm not sure whether its funny because of being so wierd, or not because to got lost his book and got a little bruised. :/ ?
@the-edge - wow! little thugs - whatever happened to othe good old time when people used to steal wallets et al :)
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